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From snake charmers to mouse (technology) charmers, Youth of India has changed a lot by this 21st century, said Mr. Modi – the Prime Minister of India in his speech. But he still believes there are a lot of unexplored opportunities and possibilities that the youth has to identify & work upon.

Mr. Modi inspires the youth of the nation to ride on different approach – the approach that leads on development model and utilizes all the available resources and opportunities. This is the approach that the professionals also need to get proficient with. So, imbibe the skills and take every challenge with the approach that would lead you to success.

In his speech at SRCC, he raised a glass of water filled with half water and shared his view point. He said: “An optimist would say the glass is half full, while a pessimist would say it is half empty, but I have a third point of view. For me the glass is always full — half with water and half with air. We can turn over the situation.”

This is the difference in approach that the Prime Minister of India aspires to see in every individual for getting a better India and for transforming ‘Made in India’ into a brand. And to succeed in this, he promotes a different success sutra, i.e. Skill + Will + Zeal = WIN.

Mr. Modi believes youth to be the hope of the nation, and it is very important to upgrade the skills of youth. He says, “India has the world’s largest number of youth. It is not enough to make them degree-holders but help them learn the right skills and engage them to solve various problems of the society.”

He suggests that individuals should identify the opportunities, as the main problem is lack of efforts to utilize the opportunities. ‘Our country is not poor. We have vast resources, see eastern India is full of them. But we are unable to use that. We are unable to utilise the opportunity,’ Modi said. Also, talking about the solution to this, he said “Solution to all problems is development. Country has been ruined by votebank politics. It needs development politics.”

Being a professional, there are many things about which one get inspiration from Mr. Modi for getting not just a better career but also contributing one’s part in developing the country. So, give your best shot and take every step that would lead not just to personal growth or organizations’ growth but the growth of the nation as well.

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