MBA Jobs in India

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MBA is one of the most popular degrees in India. With companies concentrating more on growth, employers actively hiring business school graduates this year, 84 per cent of companies including India have full-fledged plans to add freshly minted MBAs to their organizations, as per the recent report.

MBA Jobs in India


MBA Hiring Up Globally Reveals A Survey!

The 2015 Corporate Recruiters Survey, conducted annually by the Graduate Management Admission Council in Partnership with EFMD and the MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance (MBA CSEA), compiled responses from 748 employers in 47 countries around the world, encompassing 46 companies listed in the Fortune 100. The percentage of the companies looking to hire MBA’s has gone up from 74 percent in 2014 & 62 percent five years ago to 84 percent in 2015.

The report also points out that 75 percent of the Asia Pacific companies, including India are set to hire new MBA pass outs compared to 69 percent in 2014.

Data Analytics: Most Desirable skills for MBA employers

According to business schools and leading recruiter’s, data analytics skills are extremely vital for MBA students to build a career in the new digital economy. Company recruiters from a wide range of industries are readily looking for candidates with data analytics skills who can help them in collecting and analyzing the raw data and then turning it into useful information enabling them to make fruitful business decisions.

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From insurance to banking to retail, data analytics is helping to steer in a digital revolution and write success stories as tools analyze the vast data and determine ways to thrive into this competitive business environment. Career experts say the MBA graduates who can master these skills at an early stage of their careers will have an edge in the jobs market.

Campus Hiring Stepped Up!

Validating the growing demand of ace MBA talent, India Inc’s leading recruiters have accelerated campus hiring by whopping 35% as per the survey by Economics Times (ET). The key highlights of the survey are listed below, take a look-

The ten of the largest recruiters in India hired a total of 1033 MBAs from 22 top business schools

Approximately 774 graduates were picked by the top ten recruiters across 21 B-schools the previous year

The Top Recruiters

MBA jobs presently can be hailed as the most lucrative career options. Cognizant sealed the top slot for the biggest employer providing as many as 192 offers at the various leading business schools. Apart from that, three other companies-Wipro, Deloitte and HCL Technologies shelled over 100 job offers. In addition to it, KPMG and ICICI Bank were also seen on a hiring spree.

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How MBA Aspirants Can Benefit From The Make In India Campaign?

With Make in India Campaign gaining prominence in the market, specialized sectoral management programmes in Power, Oil, energy, logistics, transportation retail and healthcare and so on are the emerging as the hot MBA fields in demand. MBA in core sector can be the next big thing as speculations are high that professionals belonging to these specific areas would be in great demands in the near future.

Final Say

From the above discussion, it is clear that currently MBA jobs in India are one of the most profitable careers for anyone to strive for. With employers going out of their way to hire the top notch MBA talents, the job market looks extremely promising for the MBA aspirants.


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