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Eye contact is one of the important aspects during interview to leave a lasting first impression. Agree? But how many of you face trouble in making eye contact during the interview? Somewhere down the line, if you think that you are one of them, and you think that you too get nervous while making eye contact, or you feel yourself stuck in an awkward situation, then here are a few quick tips for you.

Here is what you need to do to ensure making great eye-contact for lasting first impression:

  • Simply take the advantage of the first few minutes to turn the situation in your favor. Try your best that the first few minutes of your interaction with the recruiter or hiring manager go smoothly. This would give you confidence and let you play other tricks and ideas smartly.
  • That’s for sure that you do not have to stare at the interviewer’s eye to make the eye-contact. Making too much eye contact can also be negative, so make sure you make the limited eye-contact. And yes, blinking eye at regular interval can help you do so.
  • One trick to make the proper eye contact without making the situation awkward is by looking into the eye of the person and noticing the color of the eye. The time taken to do this is said to be natural, so you can easily try this trick without feeling awkward about staring too long. So, if you are confused about how much time should you look into the eyes of the person, then just try this trick. Once you are done with checking the color, look somewhere else for a fraction of a second.
  • Another trick to do so is by creating an imaginary triangle. You can draw an imaginary triangle on the face of the interviewer between your eye, interviewer’s eyes and his mouth. Keep shuffling from eyes to mouth every 10 seconds. Doing this would also help you feel comfortable and look more interested & engrossed.
  • No doubt, with perfect eye contact, you can present yourself as a perfect conversationalist, which is a crucial aspect for any interview. So, for doing this, you can work on a trick here. When the person is talking, and you have to play the listener’s role, then try to put little efforts in making the eye contact (as you won’t have to concentrate for a while, on what you need to say), and once you get hold of this, you can try this while speaking as well.


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