Accounting Jobs in Kolkata

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Kolkata is a major metropolis in India and attracts large number of job seekers from various parts of the country. To know about non accounting skills, go ahead with the article post!

Accounting Jobs in Kolkata

Kolkata, the city with great customs and traditions is now emerging as a thriving job destination in India. Currently the city is riding high with a boom in the job market. Apart from being most sought after job destination in India, the city experiences huge number of visitors from all over the world. The exquisite beauty of Kolkata and its unique lifestyle & food habits is making the world gaga over it.

Considering the fact that Kolkata is fast gaining prominence as major job hub in the country, job aspirants can expect good opportunities coming their way. Kolkata has vast scope for accounts jobs. The city with its flourishing retail, IT, BPO and ecommerce industry offers multiple employment opportunities to seasoned accounts professionals and new entrants.

Expanding Accounting Job Roles 
Gone are the days when essential job skills requirement for the accountant positions was limited to just great numerical abilities. While technical skills are essentially critical, the accounting field is constantly evolving and your job role as an accountant is getting widened and way more complex. You may be required to work in compliance or risk management, among many different sub categories each of which has its own demands in the market.

This is a highly competitive age, finding a job in this tough job market can be a real challenge. Especially when it comes to accounting jobs, alone accounting skills or alone non accounting skills will not help you in getting the desired job. You got to have the right mix of both. As per one of the recent surveys, employers look for various important non accounting job skills when finalizing candidates for these roles.

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Let us find out what are the various non-accounting skills that currently employers are seeking in the candidates.

Business Acumen 
Job skills related to business are great in demand because accountants have wide array of responsibilities in their organization. Job roles of finance and accounting professionals have changed drastically what it used to be few years ago. Accountants often need to collaborate with other departments, which require professionals to have decent decision making, negotiation and strategic thinking skills.

IT skills
There is no field untouched with the IT boom and accounting is no different. Accounting professionals are expected to have sound working knowledge of finance specific software’s programs such as Hyperion and Quickbooks. Also, cloud is the next big thing to watch out in the accounting sphere.

Communication Skills
Effective communication skills are pre-requisite for any type of job role. As an accountant, there are fair chances that you will be dealing with people from different departments and interact with a broad range of colleagues or clients in your day to day job roles. Anything that involves money is a serious affair and so accounting professionals have to ensure that their message is clearly conveyed to the other party.

Customer Centric 
For example, if you are working in a public accounting firm, it’s important for you to be able to retain the existing customers and acquire new clients. If you are working with a corporate organization, you must be able to live up to the expectations of the organizations other departments and managers. Strong customer service skills are a must.

Final Words
The requirement of the above skills underlines the fact that the accounting roles are becoming more demanding. Accounts jobs in Kolkata can be easily found through various online job portals and other employment sites. Flaunting a positive and confident look will help you in the long way.

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