It’s confession time for everyone who is employed. How many times do you feel that you have given your 100% to your work (without it being month end)? How many times do you leave your workplace with a smile on your face, feeling like a w

photo_16779_20100518 Let’s face it; we are used to acting stingy even when it comes to putting in effort – especially when it about DOING something for the sake of your Organization. For example, if your Marketing Manager needs you to come up with a new idea and you have two, in majority of the cases you will disclose only one, and that too only the second best one –which means that even though you have put in your best efforts, you haven’t used them entirely towards your work. That said, you cannot motivate yourself by constantly reminding yourself about how much you haven’t done. This simply fails to work. However, motivation is a completely different story. As of now let us concentrate on ‘Living Up to Our Expectations’.

The Things Not to Do

You might be thinking that the ‘Dos’ should precede the ‘Don’ts’. While that is how it is in most of the cases, the context requires us to list some of the things that should not be done to reach closer to the maximum potential.

  1. Living in Fear and Sorrow: If you are one of the few who overtime in office, without thinking twice and are someone who constantly feels under pressure and don’t think that you are the one living up to yours and everyone else’s expectation. The truth is that you are not. Fear, sorrow, pressure, stress, do not add to the happiness quotient; therefore, cannot add to the value of job satisfaction. You can only reconnect with your potential if you work smart, not hard.
  2. Thinking You Are Not Good Enough: It’s suicide to think that you are not an important part of your organization. It’s really a psychological perspective that you have the free will to take or leave. Be the best that you can, give the most that you can, and never think that you haven’t done good enough. As an HR, for example, if you can contact 40 prospective fresh recruits in a day, in case you are able to call only 28 in day, don’t think that it was a bad day. Try to work harder the next day instead of cursing yourself.
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The Things to Do

Your focus should be a holistic one. To begin with, start with yourself. Here are a few things that you absolutely must do:

  1. Take Care of Your Physical and Emotional WellBeing:Pranayam and exercise will do you much good – and so would rest. Being restful is an essential condition for being able to delivering maximum output. If you are lazy and tired, forget about everything else. You simply won’t be able to feel good about anything that you do.
  2. Be Friendly: Working in isolation may be the requirement of the kind of work that you do; however that does not mean that you have to live in isolation too. Being friendly with those who work with you will keep you calm and de-stressed.
  3. Focus and Concentration: In other words, you need to live in the present to focus on the problem at hand. If you are thinking about doing the next task as you work on the current one, you are nowhere close to fulfilling your own expectation with regards to the result of any task that you take up.

Take Away Tip: One Day At a Time, That’s How You Live Your Life!


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