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“Why do some journeys fill us with hesitation? What stops us in tracks? Why do we not always seem to be prepared to set off beneath the looming sky? But set off we must. Command the road we must. And challenge the very challenges that come our way…?

It’s Sunday morning and mine started with reading these lines on the front page of newspaper. And I, unknowingly, slipped in the pool of deep thoughts.

I’ll share an example to tell you what exactly I am thinking of.

“It’s enough! I can no longer handle this job. In fact, I do not wish to work for anybody now. I have the skills and I know what to do. I’ll go with a start up. umm… Hold on! What if I fail? How will I handle the situation? No, no, I should not take this risk. Yes, decided I’ll continue with this same job.”

This perfectly defines the fear of failure. Not just you and me, but this fear is there in almost everyone for some or the other thing. And this is the main reason why we confine ourselves to a limited shell and restrain ourselves to see what else life beholds for us.

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Let us together learn to overcome this fear and explore the unexplored world with open arms, mind and heart.

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What do we need to do this?

A Challenge: We need to take a challenge. A challenge to overcome this fear and see what exactly will happen if we fail. Can it really affect us to the worse? How worse is ‘worse’ actually is; we just need to analyse it and realize that taking up risk is actually not that scary.

How to start with it?

Start with smaller things. For example, next time you will go to bar, try asking for a free drink. Does it sound bizarre? Never mind, just try asking for it, it makes a probability that you might get a free drink. Obviously, you won’t get anything extra/free until you’ll ask for it. Possibilities are you’ll get a ‘no’ for your demand. But that doesn’t make you lose anything. You are still at the same place, so it’s fine.

This is the challenge all about. You might get a NO for most of your demand in the beginning, but gradually you’ll not just let the fear of failure hold you back but might also a learn a new skill like negotiation skill.

Who’ll help you?

Although, you do not need anything to start to challenge yourself, but in case you need motivation, there is an app, Failure Games available for iPhones and Android phones where you’ll get to complete different challenge daily within 24 hours, click its picture as evidence and upload it. This app is specially designed to make you in out-of-the-ordinary situation, slightly uncomfortable and you’ll have to try hard to complete it.

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How will it help in your career or life?

The dreams that you have wished to come true CAN come true. Needless to say anything else.

Always remember, “There will always be a way.” By the way, Happy Sunday.  Enjoy!

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