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Fresh out of college, I was very happy with placement in a top notch MNC. Although it was an IT company and I passed in Electronics but good salary, ample holidays and lucrative incentives made it wonderful for me. I believed that finally I could do everything I wanted to.

Day passed into months and like that I completed one year at Job. But somehow, my interest in the work decreased, and thoughts like what I am doing with life, do I really wanted to do this, overflowed in my mind all the time. I knew something had to be done.

I fixed a meeting with my college professor, my mentor Mr. Chandra. On Friday I decided to go by Metro as the roads are jam packed in the evenings. The boy sitting beside me was a very common folk with some not so common air about him. With a loose t-shirt, faded jeans, uncorrected beard and a ready to go ruck-sack, he reminded me of my good old days and I at once knew that this guy was going on a trip. “Somewhere to the North East” came the answer on my enquiry.

I started telling him about my adventures from Sikkim and we started chatting. He was an IIT-D pass out who had been working with ‘Forbes’ top 10 company until now, Until now? I asked.

“Yeahh, I tried to like it, but I couldn’t so I just left. Will start working on something of my own once I am back”

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I was awe struck for a moment but then that’s what IITians do.
“What does it matter to you, you are from IIT and you guys are known for these kind of stunts, ask people like us and they will tell you how important a job is” I said hiding my frustration

See mate, it’s not about sanity, insanity, being from IIT or any local college, being right or wrong for that matter.

It’s about doing what you feel is right but with your 100% being. I never call myself Insane because I know that whatever I do will not be a half-hearted attempt or just for the sake of it. It will be an effort to be the best in that and because of that attitude 9 out of 10 times i have amazed myself. I was very happy when I joined the job and because of my attitude I grasped many things quickly which others might take a year to learn. Now I’ll just enjoy this break without burdening my mind about anything, it’s all about taking one step at a time but with perfection”.

The announcement of the upcoming station distracted him from speaking further. “That’s my station he said, i have to get down and board the train”. “No worries, next is mine, even i have to get down, anyways it was wonderful getting to know an IITian like this” “same here mate” he said and de-boarded the metro.

I was thinking about what he said and spend the next 20 minutes just taking it in, and reached Sir’s home with the same going on in my mind.
“So tell me Nisheeth, what did you want to talk about?”
Nothing much Sir, just wanted to meet and see you, it’s been a long time” I said realizing that the IITian in the metro had already solved my mental query.

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