How To Get LinkedIn Recommendations

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LinkedIn recommendations are difficult to score on, isn’t it? Considering the percentage of significance head hunters pay to LinkedIn recommendations, no doubt it marks huge impact on the candidate’s personality and work skills. Recommendations are like reviews; just like products reviews affect buyers purchasing decision; recommendations too affect interviewer’s hiring decision. Hiring manager or HR person is the ‘consumer’ here and you are the ‘product’, if you have few impressive, relevant, and honest recommendations, your online job application has higher chances of getting selected.

How To Get LinkedIn Recommendations

To help you score relevant & amazing recommendations here are 4 effective tips, have a look:

  • Use the “Ask to be Recommended” Page

LinkedIn itself gives an option for asking for recommendations from your connections, colleagues, or friends. Many people do not know about the existence of such pages, and thus they have never used it. If you too are one of them then hover over your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen. Select the option ‘Privacy & Settings’ and then choose “Manage Your Recommendations” followed by “Ask for Recommendations” tab. Click on this tab, and ask for recommendations from whom you think would give more relevance.

  • Don’t choose random people

You do not have to get recommendation from any one or everyone. Recommendations for you have to be relevant and that too from people you respect and admire professionally. Give a thought about people before asking them for recommendations. You must get a recommendation that talks about your skills which you want to highlight the most. So, approach to people who can talk intelligently about your capabilities and whom you have worked with in the past or are currently working with.

  • Be specific when you approach
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Don’t send a lame and generic request asking for recommendations. You should personalize your message and describe what exactly do you want and how he/she can help you perfectly. Here are few samples you may take inspiration from:

“Hi Boss, [insert your short or long-term goals, or what you are hoping to achieve as a result of this recommendation] I’m trying to complete my profile on LinkedIn to improve my professional credibility, and would want you to write a recommendation for me. I know it’s hard to recall details about the many different projects we worked on, but I’m really hoping you will be able to highlight my [insert specific skills or abilities], domain knowledge, and team working ability.”

Like this sample, be sure to be thankful and gracious in your request in a way that would encourage the person to write a influential recommendation for you.

  • Do not request your whole list at once

Be patient, and do not ask your every connection to write recommendation for you. Recommendations are date stamped, thus recruiters can easily figure out how authentic and relevant the recommendations are.

Now you know how to ask for a LinkedIn recommendation and mark a lasting impression on head hunter, so what’s the wait for, go and take the advantage. Hey, by the way, you must know how to return favors too, so you must know how to write impressive recommendations for your colleagues too. We’ll come back with few exclusive tips on that too, till then, start customizing your LinkedIn recommendation requests.

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