Some of us are naturally disorganized, while others have their phases of disorganization. Some time or the other each one of use faces these dilemmas of how to go about things. A certain muddle of things goes on in the head, making no sense whatsoever. There are days which are imaginably long and worthless and days when there is absolutely no structure to what you are doing. There are also days where you are too stuck up on something and there are times when the map of possibility just does not appear in your mind.

Here are pieces of advice to get you out of this unhealthy muck-

Find the Productivity Period
You know yourself best and hence this time you need to analyze and find out that particular time or period when you think you are the most active. Create a list of task and prioritize them, once that is done make a map and deadline for each one of them. Divide your day between these tasks, so that everything is done keeping your capacity in mind. Find your attention span and create a 3D map in your head of how what will be done, without having to burn yourself down.

Set A Timer For The Tasks You Love
Now, once you have divided your day into manageable work tasks, there is strong possibility of your going into unaided into dark areas of gossip and social networking which would eventually take your hours away. Accept it, you love playing online games, immersing yourself in online shopping and stalking your new love. All these tasks are important, but they should only be given a certain time frame. So, more or less press the timer on when you start with it for not more than half an hour.

De-clutter Your Area
There is nothing psychological about it, it is proven fact that your mind works better when you are not occupied with too many things. With the age of minimalism taking over, you just can’t have hundred different things lying around; while you are want to focus on something. That is exactly why people choose to have lighter colours on walls as they create a spacious feeling, hence stimulating ideation.


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Kill the disorganized person in you!

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