Microsoft is first computer tool everybody should have a grasp on. It’s one of the oldest tool to make an appearance in Windows, and has been used steadily by all since then. It is used to generate word documents, prepare projects, save documents and do much more. Microsoft Word is one area in the skill set that you need to master before you apply for jobs. To make work faster and efficient there are short cuts that most of you don’t know about or don’t use.

Here is a list of short-cuts which come in handy to work in a swifter fashion-


ALT+TAB – This is used to switch to the next window.

CTRL+F10 – It is used to alternatively maximize or restore a selected window.

Print Screen – Copy a picture of the screen to the Clipboard. The clipboard here is the white typing space on Microsoft Word.

F12 – Displays the Save As dialog box.

ESC – It goes back a step to close down commands like- close a selected drop-down list; cancel a command or close a dialog box.

CTRL+B – B for Bold makes selected letters bold in appearance.

CTRL+I – I for Italics, Italicizes the selected letters.

CTRL+U – Underlines the selected text.

CTRL+SHIFT+< – Decreases the font size by one value of the text selected.

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CTRL+SHIFT+> – Increases font size by one value of the selected text.

CTRL+SPACEBAR – Removes paragraph space or character formatting of the selected text.

CTRL+N – Creates a new document instantly.

CTRL+O – Opens a document.

CTRL+W – Closes a document.

CTRL+P – Prints a document.

ALT+CTRL+I – Switches to a print preview of the document being worked on.

CTRL+K – Inserts a hyperlink in the text selected or in the document.


Happy Writing!

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