Information technology is probably the only industry that has consistently stayed in the limelight. The hotness of this industry remains a trend till date. Call it the ability of the IT industry to keep up with the times or give the credit to innovation – IT remains a passion for job seekers. That said, the challenges that the industry offers today are far more different than what it offered a decade ago. The skills that were in demand five years ago have been replaced by new ones. Careerbuilder India brings to you the top 5 IT jobs trending this week that job aspirants should keep a watch on.

1. Business Architects: If you have heard of this title before, you might not be surprised to find it on this list of favourites. The role of a business architect in an organization is not confined to the conventional IT practices. The notion that Technology is just a support service has dwindled. The job of a business architect is to ensure that the IT practices in the organization are aligned with the business strategy. The measures that the business architecture department takes should be able to hold together the entire organization.
2. Application Development: Statistics presume that more than 50% of employers in the IT industry will be hiring for application development this year. Those IT aspirants who have been clever enough to polish programming and Application Development skills will be in demand. The task that an application developer faces is to create useful and resourceful technology. Inevitably, innovation has led to the rise in the demand of application developers.
3. Social Media Architects: Social media is now becoming a part of business at every level. But first things first, if you think social media is all about Twitter and Facebook, you are living in the past. The social media platforms have raised the bar with regard to a number of things. IT jobs are getting bigger and better for experts in cloud platforms. The chances of getting hired for those who possess this skill are bright, particularly in giant companies. Big organizations make use of robust social media platforms; hence, they require more talent.
4. Technical Support: The next 12 months will see a sudden upsurge in the hiring of people with efficient skills in technical support. There are a number of new systems coming up, which means the requirement of people talented in technical support will automatically increase. It is the help desk people who can fetch initial success for the latest technologies. Technical support talent is in for bulk hiring this whole year.
5. Enterprise Mobile Developers: Even though mobile application developers are much in demand, organizations are witnessing a trend that marks the rise of Enterprise Mobile Developers. The focus area for enterprise mobile developers is compliance. Security is also one of the major goals of enterprise mobile development service providers. The concerns that organizations face today include building mobile strategies and securing them. These are the tasks of an Enterprise Mobile Developer.

The IT pundits are placing their bets on these top five jobs to take the front-row in the IT business. 2012 saw a slow yet consistent growth in the IT industry. In 2013 as well the industry growth remains steady. The focus is on the advantages that the new skill will add to the IT industry.

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