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Traditional Recruiters! Who are they? Are you the one? How can you identify whether you are the one or not? Well, if you still follow 80% of traditional methods to hire candidates then you are the one and this blog is dedicated to you. And the news is, Your Career Is At Stake.


More about Traditional Recruiters

With the advent of modern recruitment technology, not just job seekers, but several organizations too have molded their hiring strategies, for which they are just hiring modern recruiters.  HR today is no more just HR; in fact, it is a combination of different job profiles today.

As Prithvi Shergill, chief human Resource Officer, HCL says, “The walls between Marketing, IT, and HR have to be broken, and there have to have cross functional activities.” It is important for an HR to learn marketing to grab marketing skills and IT to implement latest technology. Doing this would yield high results for sourcing right talent pool, doing precise employer branding and bringing best of candidates on board via modern recruitment technology.

What lies in the future of Recruiting?

As, suggested by Mr. Shergill during the Talent Acquisition Conclave 2015, the future of recruiting would revolve around three aspects, which are: creating excellent user experience, bringing in stories, and making the experience easy to access.

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What recruiters need to become millennial recruiters?

To match the expectations or frequency of millennial employees, organizations are expecting the recruiters to work like millennial recruiters. They have to think and act the way their millennial hires do. They are expected to make work fun, because this is what candidates/ employees look forward to for a happy work life experience. HRs need to handout where their candidates hang out. It is the time to focus on market intelligence and make work or hiring strategies accordingly.

Attracting candidates via modern recruitment:

First thing: Cut the clutter and differentiate yourself.  Job seekers are looking forward to join the company which is distinctive. So, do not just blindly do what others are doing, rather invest upon creative ideas to attract the talent.

Change the way you talk about job description: No more 2-3 liners job descriptions are expected from you now, rather make videos. Make fun videos talking about the job, expectations and why they should join you. Be creative. Be different.

Be engaging: Do not disappear. Just engage. Engage with as many candidates as you can. Tell them how work can be enjoyed at your organization, because it is all about being distinctive. Also, talk about their concerns. For this, make YouTube videos to answer their questions.

Go Mobile: Millennial candidates look forward to 24*7 access with ease. And it is not difficult to fulfill this wish. Go mobile. Optimise your site for applications. According to a survey, “78% of candidates are ready to apply via smartphones.” Also, according to  the same survey, “40% of canadiates abondaned applications when the platforms are not user-friendly (mobile ready).”  Can you still manage to miss on this huge talent resource?

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