Top Part Time Jobs in India – Part 1

Part Time Jobs in India

Inflation and recession are the worst enemies of any economy. The expenses keep piling up and most people can hardly find the time or money to meet them. Of course it is slightly easier for the working people who have a steady income to count on, but there are a lot of people who cannot spend 9 hours at a desk. Not only those, but there are also people who just wish to get out of the house. So below you can find a list of part time jobs that are not niggardly when it comes to dolling out the paychecks, in easier terms – these jobs pay well! So whether it’s because you need something to pass the time while making a cash inflow or it is to help you pay those extra bills, part time jobs today pay on hourly basis and that attracts more workers to start with these jobs and make the most of their time.

Part Time Jobs in India

Fitness Instructor

The workforce has begun to be aware of the need of a proper health regime. Health and fitness is actually at the top of the priority list of the workforce today. Hectic schedules and tiring desk jobs have become a common phenomenon and actually leave almost no time for an employee to hit the gym and work out. This brings to fore their need for a private coach or a fitness instructor at the gym, who can help optimize their workout so it can be fitted into a busy day, and also does not over tax them. For those who are looking for a part time job they can start giving fitness lessons and depending upon your experience in the field you might start earning some big bucks.


This is one of the best professions to earn in the evenings, nights and weekends. Bartenders earn a decent hourly wage, and that is not even counting the tips they get from customers. This job is not only fun and exciting, but also is great for people who like networking. You have a chance to become famous among your regular customers and that just means bigger tips. These professionals earn the most during late nights and weekend shifts.

Travel Agent

This is a job for people who love travelling and want to spread the love for travelling among others as well. Traveling is something that doesn’t have a season and is mostly done all around the year. As a travel agent you need to recognize the best destinations depending on the season and offer great deals on booking tickets to customers. This job also has a high intake through commissions, and can absolutely be done in your spare time.


Use your love of coffee for good and try your hand at becoming a barista at the local coffee shop. Not only does this help you earn some fast cash, whoever can say no to the free coffee every day? This is another job where you have the chance to earn tips. Working as a barista after office hours in the soothing and peaceful atmosphere at the coffee shop is a great opportunity to not just earn, but to wind down as well.


This is one of the most famous and most common methods to earn some extra money. The thing about being a tutor is that you can even do it besides a normal full time job. Teaching has always been one of the top part time jobs, and if you take it seriously, it can be a great money making business. Apart from paying high hourly wages teaching also has the advantage to scheduling classes as per your convenience. Tutors are in demand owing to the surge in the number of working parents.

So these are the first five of Top Part Time Jobs list. Keep a lookout for the next five!

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‘Work from Home’ Benefits – Surveys & Findings


You can do your job wherever and whenever you want…you can even sit in a beach chair with a cocktail in hand for all I care…as long as you get our desired results.” – Kevin Kruse, Contributor

The benefits of working from home, which is the most comfortable place to work has helped several organizations of good repute to recruit top talent. Keeping no geographic limits to work has resulted in a highly engaged workforce, great company culture and ‘Best Place to Work’ awards.


How much these statements are true?

According to researches, maximum American employees work from home, which accounts for $10, 000 of savings every year. According to Telework survey, work from home facility results in enhanced productivity, mitigated facility cost, reduced sick leaves, and even decreased turnover. The research also reveals that employees who are facilitated with work from home are ‘most satisfied’ with their jobs as compared to jobs that are office bound. This is because, employees are able to consume nearly $1,600 to $6, 800, as well as, their time in migrating to their work whether by driving or through public transportation.

Telework survey also highlights employers who witness increased productivity among their employees by providing flexible hours of working, sense of empowerment, enhanced freedom to work from the comfort of home and no boundaries of reporting time.

Therefore, the top reasons why employees are more satisfied with jobs with work from benefits include:

  • 60% – 70% decrease in commutation
  • 49% – 66% greater flexibility of working
  • Enhanced overall productivity
  • 25% to 31% saving on money

What the survey from Microsoft reveals about work from home?


According to Microsoft whitepaper called, Work without Wall”, highlighted are the top 10 advantages of working from home:

  • Reduce long travel
  • Naturally friendly
  • Enhanced time with family, especially for working moms
  • Reduced public fear & resulted stress of competition
  • Comfortable atmosphere
  • Fewer distractions
  • Increased output
  • Avoidance of traffic/public transport
  • Gas consumption
  • Home/work life balance

And, the Health Benefits include:

  • Easier time in eating
  • Less stress due to presence of family
  • Sense of mental happiness
  • Eating nutritious food

Work from Home- The Future Beckons

More organizations are embarking over the latest trend of working from home. It is changing the way people work and with which, employers can retain their employees for a long haul. The flexibility to work from our own comfort has indeed improvised the tech sector and resulted in greater output in return. Job seekers may find this option more compelling as a great reason to work for long in a company. Work from home would enable them save on money and commute time, as well as, balance work life. For employees who find work bounds as stressful can look forward to a healthier way and environment of working with this option and start to love their work.

The soon employers start to realize the tremendous benefits of providing work from home to employees, the sooner they will be able to get the work done faster from them with enhanced quality, less absenteeism and less complaints.




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Make a Better Living With Paid Online jobs!

Paid online jobs

In the current scenario, the job market is becoming exceptionally competitive, which is making the fresh graduates and even the experienced ones to think out of the box. With the ever growing technology, a lot of job opportunities are emerging online every day. People from different types of background and skills can found enormous online jobs and can make outstanding earnings.

Paid online jobs

There are different types of online jobs in India, first of all, let’s have a glance over the advantages of online jobs:


  • It is perhaps the best opportunities for those who want to stay home
  • One can opt for online jobs as their part-time activity along with their regular job
  • Age in not the constraint in most of the online jobs
  • It allows you to complete your tasks as per your convenience
  • You can choose your choice of online jobs that can avail you better outputs

Some of the major online jobs

Below is the list of some of the major online jobs that are high in demand these days:

Online data entry jobs: It is one of the most popular job made available online by different companies. There are some genuine companies that provides data entry or typing jobs online. In order to find out the authenticity of the firm, you must check the repute of that particular company by searching in some reputed search engine like Google. Searching for the reviews or complaints regarding the particular company will give you an instant idea about the company.

Online Survey jobs: There are several companies who pay you for providing your reviews and opinions on their offered products and services. This activity helps is increasing their sales and, on the other hand, provide you good earnings. In order to get this type of jobs, you need to sign up with organizations that provide online surveys.

Blogging jobs: It is another famous and interesting online job. If you have the passion for writing, you can create your blogs and post whatever you feel interesting and know about. There are various online sites that allow you to create your blog for free or by paying a little amount. After creating your blog and posting some blogs, you can earn income in various ways. For instance, you can keep some advertising links on your posts that will pay you for each and every click on their ads in your blog.

Freelancing jobs: Freelancing is also a good idea to make some good amount of money. As per your interest and skills, you can opt for various freelancing jobs available online. The best thing about this job is that you can do it as per your terms and convenience. Some of the top most freelancing jobs available online include writing, web designing, coding, online promotion, etc.

Affiliate jobs: Another interesting job option available online is affiliate jobs. In this type of jobs, you just need to promote the products and services of various famous sites. There are several online sites in India like Flipkart, amazon, eBay, SnapDeal, and more that pay individuals for promoting their products. To get this job, you need to join the affiliate program of any of these websites.

To Conclude, there is an abundance of online jobs available for a large number of job aspirants. These are not only convenient but also provide you an excellent opportunity to work and earn a good monthly income in a range of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000 per month.

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Why Electrical Engineering is Great Academic Selection?

Electrical engineering jobs for freshers

Electrical Engineering is a field of engineering which deals with the study and application of electronics, electricity and electro-magnetism.  Identified in 19th century, this field gained its popularity with the increased usage of electrical equipment and electric power distribution. Today, it also includes study of power, control systems, telecommunication and signal transmission along with other aspects of electricity transmission.

Who is an Electrical Engineer?

An electrical engineer is someone who works to design, develop and monitor new electrical equipment and solve related issues. An electrical engineer works with every type of electrical equipment and machinery starting from pocket devices to super computers. With the increased demand of electronics, demand of electrical engineers has increased tremendously, hence creating electrical jobs for freshers in different sectors.

But have you ever wondered what makes electrical engineering so great? Here are top 10 reasons which prove that electrical engineering on the whole is a great academic and career choice to be made:

  • No Unemployment, it’s easy to find a job

Finding a job is never hard for an electrical engineering student because most of the employers in the related field constantly look for fresh talents. However you will always need to have ample knowledge of the field so that the needs and demands of the employer could be fulfilled accordingly. Plus the amount of knowledge will also decide your pay scale and career growth.

  • Chances are that you will easily find a job in other country

Electrical Engineering opens up new doors of employment even in other country. As the laws of maths, physics and electricity are same at each and every place; your study does not limit your growth and career in your country. There are lots of multinational companies who constantly need electrical engineers and employ fresh talent from across the world. So if you are willing to work from different location, you will definitely end up fining one for yourself.

  • Internships or Practical Learning in a firm could end up getting you employed

Practical learning or internship programs open new doors of getting employed in a firm. If you are associated with a firm while your study, chances are you will end up getting full time employment at the same firm as the company knows your talent and ability. Practical learning also enhances your knowledge and helps you to avail several electrical jobs for freshers around the world.

  • Knowledge is enhanced

Electrical engineering is a vast field and hence knowledge of the student is enhanced in various dimensions.  You will have explicit knowledge of a desk job as well as field work.

  • Computer Skills

We live in a digital world and each and every task is computerized. Hence as anelectrical engineer you will learn new computer skills needed to complete everyday job effectively.

  • Adrenaline Running Through Veins

As an electrical engineer you are going to experience lots of adrenaline rush moments starting with an electrical shock for example.

  • Learn New DIY

As an electrical engineer, it is your expertise in creating unique and new DIYs that will save your day at work. So you will learn new things almost daily.

  • You are the Mr./Mrs. Fix It

Changing bulbs, fixing fuse is not scary for you. As an electrical engineer you will have to cope up with more complex issues and hence you will not only save some of your money but will also get popular in your network as Mr. /Mrs. Fix It.

  • Dealing with New Stuffs Everyday

Technology changes and so does the world of electronics. It’s invented and reinvented with time and hence the job is never going to get boring.

  • Few Rules to Follow at Work

As an electrical engineer you need not to learn heavy theories and working structure. There are three simple rules to follow;

  • Everything will work when plugged with power.
  • Be scared of Smokes – No kidding. Electrical equipment work on smoke and whenever you see one, expect trouble is mid-way.
  • If an equipment does not work – read the manual; Simple.

So if you are among few aspiring electrical engineers, there is some good news. With ample electrical jobs for fresher you will never have to worry about a job opportunity and with less you can earn more.


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5 Not-So-Typical Careers for English Literature Grads in Delhi

Career option for literature grads

Since its first origination between 8th to 11th centuries, English literature initially in the form of Old English, fascinates world of million literally passionate students, who juggle their head to understand the core and language of this vast literary language and retire as some of the best scholars of the world.

Career option for literature grads

But apart from being one of the most beautiful academic course in the world, English Literature Enhances your skill as a writer and comprehensive speaker, nothing more. No doubt you will learn about some of the fantastic language creation, its history-present-future, implementation and usage, but by the end of the day every English grad student asks one question to himself and it is “what career option do I have apart from being a writer, editor and journalist?”

Delhi – the capital city of India and one of the oldest city of India has some of the world class literature institution which allow students to explore their English skills, knowledge and peruse their professional career as writers, editors and even media people, but what else. Delhi as a major commercial hub of India creates thousand job opportunity each year and unlike other student, an English grad has to satisfy themselves with few. Jobs in Delhi for freshers are countless and hence with time some not-so-typical career options have emerged which allow English Literature student to explore their option and select from the best.

Best 5 unconventional career options for English literature grads are:

  1. Public Sector Jobs:As one of the largest democratic country in the world, Indian capital is the center of all government activities and hence one of the largest creator of public sector jobs. Administrative, Civil Services, health, Government, Police, Armed Forces et al create hundreds of jobs in Delhi for freshers and allow everyone with great analytical, communication, R&D skills explore their option.
  2. Law: Get associated with the legal department of the country with a graduate level degree. Demand and supply gap in legal sector in India is huge and with some additional degree in Law, you can easily avail other job options in the legal department of India.
  3. Business/Accounting/Finance: If you have the ability to play with words and numbers as well, then accounting/finance/business is waiting for you. For any English Literature student who is good in mathematical skill, the doors of business world are wide open.
  4. Human Resource:Are you good with people? Do you have the skills to manage them? If yes, then Human resource Management is your thing indeed. With highest number of jobs in Delhi for freshers, human management can be joined by anyone with a bachelor’s degree in human resource or some diploma.
  5. IT Project Management: As an IT Project Manager, one needs to have great communication and analytical skills. As an IT Project Manager, candidate needs to manage, plan, coordinate and direct technical stuffs to their team. Higher education in IT or a Diploma can also allow English student to find a job in competitive IT market.

A Word of Advice

It’s understood that as a English Literature Student you will have great communication, analytical and writing skills and if you want to make it big in any not-so-regular English grad job then it is important to have sound knowledge of the skills required in that particular domain. Go for a diploma or certification program and allow yourself to explore the professional world.

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Are You Ready To Take Up The Part Time Jobs in Gurgaon?

Part time Jobs Gurgaon

Gurgaon, fondly known as the ‘Millennium City’ is one of the thriving job destinations in India. The presence of several manufacturing and financial companies has transformed the once sleepy town of Gurgaon into a city that has the third highest per capita income in India. The impeccable transformation has brought numerous fortune 500 firms to the city.

Part time Jobs Gurgaon

The city has been doing remarkably well in terms of job generation. The soaring reality prices signals for good economic growth in the city. Off late it has been observed that part time jobs in Gurgaon are increasing like anything. What’s even more interesting is that not only students or home makers or retired people are taking up such jobs, salaried professionals too are considering this option to earn some extra bucks.

Are You Ready for Part Time Jobs?

Part time jobs in Gurgaon can be availed by those who can multitask and manage things timely. The life in Gurgaon in very fast and one has to match up the pace in order to survive. You need to put up the following questions to yourself, take a look-

  • Will I be able to manage my time?
  • I am just working for money or want to make a serious career in it?
  • Is it the right career move for me?
  • How is it going to affect my professional (if working) and personal life?
  • Am I ready to dedicatedly work part time?

Part time jobs are considered to be an easy option to earn some quick cash and experience. It is true that you are paid decently and these jobs are less stressed out but you must not consider it less important or inferior when compared to full time jobs and so think wisely before you take up such jobs.


Isn’t it a Great Idea Turn Your Hobby into Part Time Job?

There are so many part time jobs available in Gurgaon. Isn’t it a great idea that you turn your hobby in part time jobs? Let us explain you with an example. Suppose you have great writing skills and you love to pen down your thoughts may be in the form of poetry or write-up or a story. You can take up part time writing jobs for that matter. There are so many media companies, online marketing companies. Ecommerce companies present in Gurgaon that actively look for good writers. You have fair chances of getting in one those jobs if you wish to do something out of the league.

Some popular part time job options-

  • SEO jobs
  • Data Entry Jobs
  • HR Executive
  • Bank Tellar
  • Help Desk Jobs
  • Sales Jobs


In order to find various part time jobs in Gurgaon, you can take the help of various online job portals. These online portals are updated with the latest openings and by just following simple step of registration on the site, you can apply for jobs as much as you can!

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Smart Work Tips For Part Time Jobs

part time jobs

part time jobs

Juggling with Time and Work

Working on remote basis or working from home is something that takes the load off your shoulders. It is all about having the freedom and space to work as per your schedule. You do not need an office space or a work-station to begin with. However, often the challenges that one faces is related to managing and organizing things especially if it is a metro city like Delhi. The daily demands of lifestyle and incorporating your work within the given deadlines is not easy to harmonize.

You need to apply some tips that will help you work with your assignments and balance your lifestyle too.

Setting aside time

When you begin working on a part time basis, the first thing that you need to know is assigning the right time to begin working. Often when one is not bound to specific clock-hours, it becomes difficult to set aside a schedule or a time-table to follow for working. Another thing to note is that deadlines and priorities are to be met according to client needs.

Maximizing Efficiency

It is essential to structure your workday by figuring out your most productive time of the day. Of course, it should not hamper your work and meet deadlines too, but when you follow natural body rhythms it becomes easier for you to work accordingly.

Structure your workday to maximize efficiency. Take advantage of your body’s natural rhythms and plan your work around your most productive hours. For example, if you are a morning person then you should schedule your work accordingly. Another way can be reviewing calendar and carefully planning when to begin working at the most productive day.

Designating Work-area

It is important to be consistent in whatever you do. When it comes to making space for your work, you should be able to create a viable work-environment at your home. For example, you might have a spare room which you can turn into your work area or a free corner where you can set up a desk and get started.

Avoiding Distractions

The biggest challenge is that of avoiding distractions. When there are no colleagues or friends nearby it is easy that you lose interest in working. There might be times when you do not feel inspired to carry on with work. Another thing is getting bothered about home chores and other errands. The biggest distraction is that of social media, often the time spent on a social website is enough to cause a distraction.

On a concluding note, when you have decided that you want to complete the task at hand, it becomes easy to work within given time-lines. Additionally, you will no longer need to get worried about an assignment or lack of inspiration. Apart from this, you will find it easy to work with part time jobs in Delhi once you know where and how you should utilize your time best.

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