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In the job market, you have probably been urged to “customise and tidy up your resume”, “dress for success”, “leverage your network” and “do your homework” – among hundred other things. Moreover, you came across to every third person in your life offering free job seekers advice and unfortunately none of them works that well, right?
The million dollar question is, what should you do to get the job?

Well, there is no easy answer to that as your selection depends on several factors including, education, experience, family background and skill sets, etc.

However, there are a few elements that you can take into account and present yourself as the most suitable candidate for the open job position.

7 things that you need to do to get a job

job seekers advice
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Here is the ultimate job seekers advice that you should read and implement to kick start your career.

1. Do not always follow your passion

When we talk about the career wisdom “follow your passion” is one of the most familiar pieces of the plan. But, “it is also wrong”.

The renowned author of the best seller “So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You LoveCal Newport agrees on same. He says, “Most people develop their passion for work with time as they got better in what they did. It empowers them and gives more control over their career”.

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2. Be Vulnerable

It is always okay to ask job seekers advice from anyone who is more experienced than you. Do not confine yourself to online advisory services and college career counselling. Instead, try to open up and start building relationships with people whom you would like to work.

Take the leverage of LinkedIn and Twitter-like platforms and share your admiration for their work and ask for advice.

3. Try to be a good listener

It is an important job seekers advice from recruiters as they often complain that today, candidates often fail to listen. According to the expert career coaches, “How to listen is the art of conversation and same applies to job interview”.

You should know:

– When to ask question
– When to start talk, and
– When to stop talking

4. Create your position

You cannot live in the assumption that your “dream job” opportunity will be served hot at the dinner table. Here the job seekers advice 101 is to make an effort, study the field or industry that you are looking to move into. And, identify an organisation or two that you would like to work for.

Now, figure out their challenges through public information or relationship, which help you to craft a solution for them. And, present it through the blog.

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The idea here is to get remarked through contributing a solution to them.

5. Don’t apply for the job opening as soon as you find it

The worst about the job hunting is the anxious scrolling of the online job boards and applying for job after job. The result, you never hear back from the recruiter or the company.

Top Job Seekers Advice: When you come across the proper job opening online, applying is the last thing you want to do.

First, you need to research the company and the people working there; then you need to approach them telling how much you admire their work. Also, tell them you would love their advice. Get in touch with someone in administration or HR department via phone or email and again ask if they have tips for you.

Benefit – It is an excellent way to keep your application getting lost in the stack of received resumes.

6. Do not take social lightly

Remember, your social profile is the first thing that lands on recruiter’s desk before your resume. You need to be “too careful” about what update you are sharing on your Facebook or Twitter account.

It may be super intriguing to update your FB account every single Monday with something about how much dismay is going back to work after the weekend.

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You need to control your social media presence if you want to put forth the best possible first impression to the prospective employer.

7. Do not focus on finding the job you love here and now

Again, it is another noteworthy job seekers advice. Do not obsess about how much you will enjoy the particular job on day one.

It is entirely a wrong mindset.

Instead, when evaluating a job opportunity consider, what the job look like in five years from now, assuming your learning curve. Also, assess where you will have the better opportunity to add value to the company.

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