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In discussion with CareerBuilder, Mr. Madhav Vamsi, Campus Head at Flipkart, shared some virtuous knowledge with us about ‘How to Build Job Satisfaction & a glance at some amazing strategies that can help job candidates build their careers with their heels and head high.”

Excerpts of the discussion with Mr. Madhav Vamsi, Campus Head (HR) –, Bengaluru

“Are you your JOE (Job Optimizing Engine)?”

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Data says – “Whether you love your job or not, you’ve probably given at least some thought to your next career move.” And yes, we make the same mistake(s) like ever while searching for a job. With so much research, content, wisdom and knowledge available around us, the expectation is to optimize time & search for the next big opportunity. However, most often these are those simple, small, minor avoidable mistakes standing between you & your career.

A job means different things to different people. For a few, it might be a means to pay bills while they pursue their interests through other means and the list goes on. I’m not the type of person who says that your professional life needs to look a certain way.

However, if a job means the following for you, then move ahead with this article.

What is a Job?

  • It is part of your life & not life itself (My apologies to all the workaholics who thought otherwise) – Work is about a search for daily meaning as well as daily bread – very basic
  • It is a means for creating & building a meaningful life – very basic
  • Therefore, my attitude, behavior, values, education, job 1 + job 2 defines my career & life both – basic but we strongly do not introspect (What comes first- growth or job?)
  • The means by which we trade our skills, talents, and passions and bring value to someone else & ourselves as a means to earn money.

Believe me when I say that you have control over your job satisfaction.

What if I told you that your job satisfaction is totally dependent on you (refer to point 3) & that every job or career opportunity you have from now until the day you retire can be fulfilling and rewarding financially as well as emotionally? It is totally possible with the right set of attitudes & behavior – do not worry much around skill! – Introspect (Are you healthy – Your productivity – Your ambition – Who are you/your self-awareness)

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Read out the checklist of things which might help you better your future job searches.

Crisp Resume- I am not a big believer of resume, but I am part of a democracy & the 1st step for any job search continues to be a resume.

Make it concise – (Make it into 1-2 pages only – analytic’s say an employer spends 30 secs typically per resume)

Avoid templates- (Ctrl C + Ctrl V)

Be Honest- (Super important- include only those things which you could back with data – refer to point 3↑)

Emphasize accomplishments- (Key Achievements/Personal Traits/Awards & Recognition/Your Favorite book or Your Hobbies)

We are all creative– However, avoid too much design, over index or use creativity on content (say action verbs) & less on design

Don’t lie on your resume – (refer to point 3 ↑ values)

Focus on what makes you special

Update your LinkedIn profile – social profiling is the new hiring trend and employers want to know you beyond your resume – invest into a digital presence, we are in the world of populated digital natives. Don’t forget, LinkedIn is a very powerful tool – it’s more than an online resume

Proof read your profile- (resume/LinkedIn profile) – get few of your colleagues to read your profile too

A job never comes to us- Knock the door – be proactive – make your list of 10-20 employers you would want to work with.

Broad base your Sources– Whether you recently lost a job or are ready to jump ship from your current one, the chances of you getting a new position through the job postings ads is next to nil.

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Invest into networking (KEY)- No limits here- your friends, parents, ex-colleagues, teachers, it’s a fair game to enter for your next job pursuit. Hence it is important you value people around you, respect them & you earn a lot back – do not connect back to them just when you are in need – consistently stay in touch with your network.

Become a Social Net-worker- The world is Digital now – setup your social accounts, it’s a great learning platform, while you learn you have an opportunity to share your thoughts as well.

Get out there– Ask your network how they got their current jobs, or at least those of your network whom you consider are into great jobs/jobs you would love to be part of.

Ask yourself a very basic question– “Did I learn anything new in the past 6-12 months?” – maybe a new skill, a new art, a new something totally unrelated to your job function but which has an impact in the way you think – if the answer is no, then it’s not a good news at all – you don’t want to be that ‘difficult-to-train’ new hire for your next employer.

 You are a Brand: Determine your unique value proposition (Heavy line, but never mind. Ponder on it) What makes you different from your peers; Figure out your value + strengths + your skills + your attitude – your passion. Both your offline & online brand is important. Guys attitude plays a big role, there are a certain set of characteristics that almost all hiring managers find appealing. “Respectfulness” is the most important, for me it earns 5 Star rating, remember in that sprint attitude wins over skills all the time.

Sum Total of U– It’s a great idea to share your psychometric profile with your employer (self-image/work image/stress image) – ever tried subjecting yourself to assessments/tests which throws your profile? (Data & Science is a far more convincing testimonial – remember that).

 Prepare for your interviews – Hiring techniques have changed – while a few employers still conduct biographical or traditional interviews, a lot of firms rely on the importance of structured & competency based interviews measuring behaviors too. Do a few mocks, get someone to ask you questions/ invest into mock interviews- it builds your confidence. Try this question, why did you join your (X) job & what are the reasons to quit that (X) job.

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Always Follow-Up– It would be wonderful if every HR rep followed-up in a timely manner. But the reality is, they don’t. It isn’t always their fault. The best you can do is persistently follow-up to find out where they are in the process and if they need any more information from you.

Perception– It is a killer (and a bottleneck). Our ability to follow- up shows our organizational skills, integrity, and most of all -our interest. Do not shy on following up- stop assuming that you would end up looking greedy or too much in need of a job – remember those self-defeating thoughts come from your lack of confidence/ insecurity. (Eliminate guessing)

Finally, be Politely & Patiently Persistent

To sum up, just want to share a line I read in the Accelepoint Webzine-

“Even individuals need to develop a brand for themselves… Whatever your area of expertise, you can take steps to make people think of YOU when they think of your field!

The tips shared by the Bengaluru recruiter at Flipkart can go a long way in shaping out job-seekers, as well as, employees seeking out opportunities in their diverse fields.

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