Most job candidates are there to impress upon their prospective employers and ask questions which they perceive are smart in nature. What they concentrate on is asking, not the answers they get or how to analyze them. A great job candidate would evaluate you on the following questions and understand if he/she is fit for the company or not.

Here are questions that some excellent job candidates ask-

What do you expect me to accomplish in the initial days?
Job candidates want to know the job profile and requirements in detail, beyond what is mentioned on paper. They want to know the depths of what they would be committing to. Rather than knowing the culture and the, these candidates just like to get on the job and start contributing almost instantly. They are really here to make a difference!


What is most common the most productive employees of your company?
These people want to hit it in the very beginning. Firstly, the idea of this question is to know if they would fit in. Which dominating characteristics of the organization are making it work greatly? Is it the methodology or customer satisfaction or something else? Secondly, this question would also get the answer to what it takes to be the best in the company.


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What do your employees do in their free time?
This may seem as an odd question when coming from a person who hasn’t even joined the organization, but this question is a way to get the answer on the culture of the organization. On what pace does it run? Which factors contribute for its people to work in the most efficient manner possible? Moreover, are the employees happy with what they do?


How do you deal with big challenges?
The economic system is very volatile. There big and small challenges that the company will have to face. These are things which decide how healthy an organization is and how well they take failures and challenges. This question is asked by candidates to assess the current status and the capability of the company to deal with unforeseen circumstances.


Are you asking these questions as a job candidate?

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