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No matter how perfect you are for the IT Job, your chances of getting selected in your dream IT company are weak, if you do not have a perfect IT resume. Your skills of wisely using the valuable space on your resume set great impression on the recruiter or the hiring manager. If you do not know the ingredients that make an IT resume perfect, then grab the tips listed below:

Suitable Qualifications & Skills

One basic element in every resume is about the qualifications & skills. No doubt, this section is basic, but it holds great importance. Here, to make the right selection of the skill set required for the particular job position is what you need to focus upon.

Expert Tip: As per the area of expertise, you can make a cluster of all your skills and mention them in an organized way under headings & subheadings. This would give a clear impression to the recruiter about what you are good at. Also, focus upon your strongest IT skills that make you stand ahead from others.

List of your Accomplishments

If you are simply listing all your job responsibilities on the resume, then that won’t be of much help to you. Here, you have to smartly & skillfully mention all the accomplishments that you had achieved while handling different projects, and how those were of help to your organization.

Expert Tip: If you can present numerical results for your achievements, then that would further do good to you by presenting your credible image.

Mind the Pages

One common problem with most of the tech resumes are the number of pages. Submitting a six page resume with 2 years experience in IT industry cannot do the same magic as a two page resume can do with the same experience.

Expert Tip: You need to learn the skills of cutting down to lesser number of pages by editing all those irrelevant or obsolete details in reference to today’s IT world.

So, before you hand over your resume to the hiring company or upload resume on their site to apply online, just ensure whether it precisely tells your interest in the position, career expectations, professional background, language capabilities, and domain knowledge or not. Lastly, just give a quick look for whether it concisely summarizes who you are, what you want, what you are good at, and why you should be hired!

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