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Today morning on my way to office, I saw a billboard by a fitness center that read “Is your job making you FAT?” Being health conscious or say figure conscious, I thought whether it is really so? My answer is somewhat a ‘yes’. And so we got the chit chat topic to talk about, also because the feelings were mutual for many. Well the blame for that little belly slump finally fell on the 9-5 desk jobs, which most of us are part of.

No doubt, there are many, who can say that they have maintained their weight or lose weight due to nature of their jobs, but we cannot deny that there are many who are facing the counter effects of the desk job as well. If you too are one of them, then here I have shared what we mutually decided to fight against this evolving health concern.


So, if you too yearn to know how you can stay fit while enjoying your comfortable desk job, here are few things you need to do:

Pack your Tiffin:

How many of you prefer eating outside or at cafeteria instead of carrying food to office? There are many who order food from outside, and this is one of the major reasons to gain weight. So, make it a daily habit to carry your own lunch box from home. And yes, include healthy portion of food in your everyday diet.

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Curb Your Every Day Tempts:

You need to rein in your desires of stepping into the cafeteria and buying a delicious pudding after afternoon meal, or to curb evening hunger. Your mouth isn’t a dump bin, where you can put anything in it. If it can harm your aspiration to get the slimmer body, then don’t put it in your mouth. Also, to convince your taste buds, you can treat them once in a week, well, how about the idea of ‘Friday Treats’ in that case.

Snatching Workout Moments From Working Hours:

No, you surely need not escape from your work and go to work out at gym or yoga center. Instead, make some changes in the habits that you perform during the day. First of all, make sure that you do not get late to the office, so that you have ample of time to include these things in your routine. So, try to get down from bus a stop before your office, take stairs at the metro station/office building instead of elevator or escalator. With these little habits, you’ll notice a big & happy change.

Stretch (your body not the working hours):

Yes, you got the intercom phones, chats, mails, etc. to interact with your colleagues. However, if possible, just get up from your seats and personally move to the person to have a word with him. This would stretch your legs. Otherwise as well, keep snatching crisp breaks to take a short walk after every hour or two.

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Make the best of office perks & benefits:

Have you ever checked on whether there is a workout section at your office? Yes, in case you are not aware of this, then there are several organizations, which have a personal fitness section at office premise, or they offer discounted gym memberships. Make sure you are aware of all those wellness benefits that your company offers, and then obviously don’t forget to make the best of ‘free offerings’.

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