So once again, a cricket crazy nation has started dwelling on the glory and defeat of the game. While the media, as usual, is trying to be the public’s protagonist, the whole world is gasping at some astonishing sweeps (and a lot of entertainment) brought to you by IPL 2013. So while Daredevils faced quite a blow, finishing last on the list, the game goes on; and so do the lessons from it. CareerBuilder India brings some soup for the corporate soul to savor the taste of ethics. The following bulletin lists 4 work ethic lessons for businesses to learn from the IPL.


1. Integrity:The first rule of any game is to practice placing your belief in it. This is the only way to nourish integrity into the bond. Be it IPL or Olympics, adherence to a pre-decided code of conduct is your key to exceptional performance. While the discipline may fail to reflect in your individual performance, it will definitely make a difference to the team.

2. Commitment: No matter what, IPL matches are always as per the schedule, whether there are elections going on or a gala Bollywood event taking place at the same time, you can count on the BCCI as they never fails to conduct their tournament on time. Applause for that!Commitment is like an enthusiasm driving vitamin for corporates. Without commitment, even work ethics seem like an instruction manual for machines and robots.

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3. Innovation: IPL did not stick to the conventional and jaded ways of cricket though it was initially introduced as a form of radical sports entertainment. Innovation is an innate element that keeps the sport from falling apart. As a work ethic, innovation is more like a string that holds together integrity and commitment. Needless to say, change has been the supreme rule of times gone by and of those to come. It is a simple program wired for the sake of survival. For people willing to commit to the practices of an organization they need a promise of certainty for the future – a deal that only innovation can seal.

4. Respect: Contrary to popular belief, respect is not a by product of seniority – both in the sporting arena and the corporate environment. If you count respect as a work ethic, it means that you must be humble and appreciative of your work and your work environment. While the lack of respect from an employee’s perspective won’t call for a severe punishment, if nurtured as an ethic respect will always be rewarding. In short, cultivating respect for your work place is your ticket to productivity and happiness at work.

Innumerable business from every industry – Banking, Technology, and even content – can learn a lot learning from the game of cricket , whether it is in the form of ODI, test cricket or T20. What makes IPL a media favorite though is that people are more interested in things beyond the scoreboard. Every team has an identity and expectations that it has to live up to it. Likewise, is the case with businesses.

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