You may or may not have been a part of a situation that has been perplexing to interpret. Remember that job interview that left you doubting your fundamentals? Stress interview is an example of an extremely dreaded interview. Imagine yourself facing a panel of interviewers who refuse to talk or smile. It would be confusing downright to the point of being hilarious. The one advice that everyone would have given you to face such interviews is to PREPARE. CareerBuilder  tells you how. But first let’s get familiar with a few twisted questions that you might have to face any time in life while giving a job interview.


The Regulars

You would be aware about most of these regular set of questions. However, what matters is how you answer these.
1. How Do You Handle Stressful Situations?
What they are trying to know: By asking this typical HR question the interviewer is trying to understand your ability to work under stress. However, that is not all. They are also judging your method of handling stress. Give them an example where you have handled multiple projects at the same time and they will be happy enough to hire you.

2. Why Did You Leave Your Previous Company?
What they are trying to know: Whether you have left 2 years after serving an Technologycompany or just 8 months after joining a PR organization, this question will always be asked. The interviewers are interested in knowing how smart or clever you are by your answer to this question.

The Twisters

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While regulars are a part of most of the interviews, the twisters are often asked for executive and middle-management positions in jobs like software development, marketing and content writing. Here are a few examples of the questions that are so simple yet so challenging:

1. Other than its obvious purpose what can scissors (productively) be used for?
What they are trying to know: While there is no specific answer to this question, you will be judged and awarded marks for your creativity. That’s the trait they are judging you on: ingenuity.

2. How would you weigh a giraffe/ elephant/ whale?
What they are trying to know: While they won’t ask you to weight one, they need to know whether you have an eye for detail. All that they are judging is your problem-solving ability.

3. If you are given 7 rods and 5 shelves, how will you place them all (just one on one shelf)?
What they are trying to know: You might never know the answer for this one. If you give up, you lose the game. If you try, you might be given some points for not giving up.

The questions that have been listed are there to test whether you fit the organization’s culture or not. They may not make sense to you while the interview is going on but you will soon realize their importance. Once you realize what purpose they serve, you will start coming up with better answers to them.

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