Does it really matter what you wear to an interview? Yes, to the extent that clothes do send out signals about who we are, and whether we will fit into the culture of the company. More importantly, comfortable clothes in which we know that we look good make us feel more confident. Being comfortable makes a big difference to how you act during the interview – feeling itchy or sweaty because of the wrong fabric is enough to have anyone fidgeting and distracted.


‘Suitably dressed’ in an interview situation really refers to understanding your prospective employer. Comb through your network to find a current or former employee you can ask, look up the company’s Facebook page to see if they have posted pictures of employees – that will be your first clue as to how you should dress for the interview.

We often hear the ‘be yourself’ mantra, but what if you are most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt? That may not work for interviews at companies where formal dressing is the norm. Consider ways in which you can stay yourself, and still be closer to what the situation demands. For instance, you could team a black/dark coloured pair of jeans with a full-sleeved shirt, or wear it with a solid t-shirt and add on a semi-formal blazer.

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Putting your best foot forward is easier if it’s a comfortable pair of shoes or sandals! Apart from basics like well-polished shoes and clean sandals, make sure you don’t wear heels that make you totter or a new style that bites into the back of your foot. It doesn’t matter how trendy it is if you can’t walk across the room comfortably to meet your interviewer.

Dressing up for an interview is really not about looking good as much as it is about ‘feeling good about your looks.’ A big part of that is finding a comfortable look that works for you – find out what that is, and stick to it!

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