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Something happened with an elderly carpenter in the US, something that he had never thought of; something that made him regret in spite of his 15 years of hard work, and dedication at his work; something that you should not miss reading and also something that you should learn from!

Once an old man, who was a carpenter by profession in the US, decided that he should take retirement and enjoy the rest of his life with his wife and extended family. He shared his plans of taking retirement from house building business with his boss. His boss was sad on seeing one of his great workers leaving the job. With all his affection, he asked the man to do a personal favor to him before leaving.

He said, “Before you go, I want you to work on the last project.” The carpenter agreed to work on this last project. It’s been 15 years that he had worked with sincere dedication, but now since he had decided that this would be his last project, he did the work halfheartedly. He simply bids adieu to over-time, he even did not pay importance on using the best cement; or the best wood for furniture, door; or even about having a swimming pool in his project. He wanted to finish it soon, in whichever way. And he did it.

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The last day, his boss called him in his office and gave him the keys of the newly built house. He said accept this as a token of thanks for delivering your best services during the past 15 years.

Upon hearing this, the carpenter was shocked. If he had known that he is working on his own house, he would have worked it differently. But now, the time has passed & nothing can be done.

This is life, you have to understand this and handle things accordingly. Your attitude on personal as well as professional life matters a lot, every step that you take decides a bit of your destiny, so make sure you pave a well structured, comfortable, and luxurious path that would make you live the life the way you want to.


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