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Individuals adore infographics as our brains are wired to react to visual appearances. Pictures- poor or bright have the power to get our attention. An amazing infographic utilizes those pictures to re-live a story that leaves a lasting impression on the viewers. Just like that, when infographics are amalgamated with resumes, they become all the more engaging to get the positive attention of the recruiters. Therefore, an infographic resume can be grasped as a marketing document that would help job-seekers drive an instant consideration of the busy hiring managers, who are riveted in the process of screening resume profiles.

What is an Infographic Resume?

An infographic is ideally a huge chunk of data condensed into a combination of images and text to illustrate the message of the content. The idea behind creating an infographic is to enable visitors quickly absorb the main insights, which the visual data encloses.

How Infographic Resumes Help Candidates?

Take a gander at the two salient advantages; candidates can reap out of making infographic resumes:

1. Appear Different from the Masses

The battle for jobs has always been fierce. There are thousands of candidates standing in queue for the same position. On the other side, recruiters have to choose only the best candidates for that one position. At this juncture, infographic resumes come as a convenient solution that gives candidates a boost as to how they can stand distinct from the rest. It is like a 30-seconds audition, which they need to give in front of the reviewer and the job is theirs. How candidates can ensure they are chosen for those 30-seconds is by making their resumes visually-appealing. Infographic resumes are the route to go for.

2. Makes Candidates a Marketer

With a visually-appealing infographic resume, recruiters are bound to think that the candidate upholds a sense of creativity and knows the art of presenting his skills. This makes the candidate ideal for the position that requires branding skills, writing skills, designing skills, or communication skills. What more? Candidates, seniors or fresher can use infographic resumes as an opportunity to grab a job, which they could not make it for long.

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How Candidates can make the Most of Infographic Resumes

Tips to Create Infographic Resumes

Photo – Photos catch the maximum attention and are more likely to get responses. Candidates can use a professional yet flattering photo of themselves and fetch the recruiter’s attention on the first go.

Timeline – A timeline theme is one of the most commonly used themes amongst infographic resumes. Use it to show significant accomplishments in former company, career milestones, projects covered and so on.

Quotes – What better way to impress your employer than by using positive remarks or quotes of former managers, or colleagues. Candidates when use quotes on their infographic resumes have more chances of being chosen by recruiters. Indeed, these are powerful credibility builders.

Stats- Infographics are all about statistics -the facts. When it comes to infographic resumes, candidates can devise stats to represent their years of experience, successful projects, and clients.

Former Logos – Logos are appealing, and infographic resume profiles that have logos of former companies are most likely to get selected by hiring managers. Certainly, employers wish to work with employees who have experience working with top brands and hence hiring of those candidates can add value to their organization.

Infographic Resumes – Sources for Candidates

Whether a candidate is a design genius or not, he or she can still create possibly the best-looking infographic resume. How? There is a multitude of online platforms that allow individuals to create infographic resumes of their choice. Some of the best platforms, CareerBuilder India, has gathered include:

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1. Vizify

This platform enables candidates to transform their social media profiles into an infographic resume that would highlight the best parts of their professional life.

2. Visualize-me

This platform allows candidates to automatically create a visually-appealing infographic resume based on their LinkedIn profile.


This is another one of the best platforms allows candidates to quickly create an infographic resume profiles from any of their social media profiles or data.

What more!

Chance to Get Noticed by Hiring Managers

Recruiters today appreciate candidates who come up with modern techniques to display their skills and capabilities. An infographic resume is one such key that can help candidates unlock the opportunity of hitting an interview in their dream companies. While infographic resumes do not completely replace the traditional resumes, they are undoubtedly more unique, informative and eye-catching. These not only increase the chances of candidates in getting selected but also saves recruiters time in screening that one unique piece from plenty of resume profiles.

With the advancement in social recruitment strategies, candidate sourcing tools, and candidate attraction methodologies, there is an even greater need for candidates to become smarter with their interview preparation process.

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