For many young people, working in the IT industry is synonymous with being a programmer. While there is nothing wrong with coding, and it is a great fit for some, there are other opportunities too.

Some of these options for you to consider:

Business development and sales

For any organisation to function and grow, it requires a dedicated team for mining existing clients for more business and working on acquiring new customers. There are different roles that can be taken up in this area such as corporate marketing, sales or even sales support.

Account and client management

This career track is very critical for customer loyalty and retention.

Client Management: The client relationship manager is in-charge of the overall relationship with the customer and is the point of contact for any escalations/changes with regards to the partnership. Typically one manager manages different customers and comes with a background of account management.

Account Management: An account manager (AM) is aligned with the customer. Depending on the size of the business, a customer account can have one or more account managers. The AM is responsible for the day to day functioning of the account. S/he is the first point of contact for any issues/problems faced. The AM is responsible for communication management, strengthening and expanding business, revenue generation and invoicing. AMs usually come with a background of project management as it helps understand and deal with delivery issues better, however MBA graduates with significant amount of business development experience also take up this role.

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There are other options too such as consulting and business analysis, technology architecture and project management. Being aware of your options will help you take an informed decision.

Learn more about the various career opportunities in IT and what they involve, to figure out what would work best for you.

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