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Do people really get Monday morning blues or has this just become a topic for humorous Facebook update or Watsapp forwarded message? Are Indian employees really loving what they are doing or are they expecting some changes in their work life? It would be interesting to take a look at interesting insights on how Indian employees take their jobs. For the same, CareerBuilder initiated a survey- “Outlook for Jobs” among 1000 employees aged 18-70 years from India (Male 51% & Female 49%) to find out real experience of employees in India. Have a look at some of the interesting findings from the same:

Are you satisfied with your job?

Satisfaction is what people look for in everything they do. Isn’t it? So, what do you think about Indian employees? Are they really happy with their jobs or are they just doing it halfheartedly? The graph from survey’s finding may help you get the exact answer.


This simply states that across 76% employees are satisfied with their work life. This is a good figure, which raises a curiosity for what could be the reasons that a major section of employees is satisfied with what it is doing.

chartgo (1)

According to the survey, good work life balance, salary and job title are the top reasons among several others for why employees are satisfied with their jobs or career. Well, we must not ignore that 76% of dissatisfied people also believe that the reason behind this is poor salary along with feeling of being undervalued.

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Is your work/life balanced?

There is a sense of relief if there is a balance in the work/life. So, the next question relates to how many employees are living a balanced work/life, and the results are quite interesting. Have a look!


chartgo (2)

A major section of Indian Employees is satisfied with its work life, but still the dissatisfied or neutral group is also not less. 71% out of these dissatisfied employees are stressed by their jobs. Well, further interesting figure here is that these stressed employees believe that two out of five employers in India do not know that the staff is stressed.

Do you need a new job?

Whether you are in love with your current job or not is also connected to whether you need a new job or not. On one hand, where 45% employees preferred to stick to their current jobs in 2014, 44% on the other hand said they will look for better change during this year.

Related to the same, what could be those things that the job seekers look for while looking for a new job? What according to you those can be? Salary is no doubt one of the important factors; but what else? Well, let’s see what the survey says:

chartgo (3)

The good work culture followed by ability to offer flexible schedule is what employees look for to have a great job experience.

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