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The phrase ‘Gone are those days…” always grabs attention, as this reveals what has time uncovered now. Well, today time has also uncovered a new role for human resources professionals and vanished those old days performing just traditional HR jobs from their lives. Hr’s today are not just playing a role of hiring candidates for companies and working upon building better employee-employer relations; rather they have become the face of the organizations and worn the marketing caps to take the company on new heights.

A Look at what HR heads from top companies in different sectors have to say about changing role of HRs.

Mr. Gaurav Gupta, HR, Rolta India Limited

“I would say that HR professionals specially in the talent acquisition team, need to learn the basics of marketing, because today, with the kind of audience you have, with the kind of niche expert skills you have, it’s more of the employer branding that comes into picture. Every employer needs to have a brand and live the brand value. If you are able to do that with the right marketing strategy, you’ll be able to attract right set of people and retain those people with you.”


Sunil Sharma- Senior Deputy General Manager – Corporate HR & Personnel at Larsen & Toubro Limited

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“There is a lot of similarity between the marketing function and the HR function. Marketing is nothing but understanding the needs of the customers, reaching out to them, telling them what is it that you have as a USP, which you can offer them to meet and cater to their needs. Similarly, if you look at HR, it is all about employees, department heads, business heads, as your customers. So, reaching out to them, understanding what it that they want from HR, how HR can help them meet those strategic needs, how it can help in attaining the business. So, I think they go hand in hand, and it’s all about what’s seen is what is sold. So, for HR also you need to be visible in the sense you need to share with your employees, what is it that you can offer as a unique value proposition for the employee, similar to what you can offer as a product to a customer. So, I think, it’s inseparable, it’s together, it’s one.”


Mr. Ravi Kumar, Head, Human Resources Roche Diagnostic India Pvt. Ltd.

“Marketing and human resources aren’t that different like they sound. A company not only needs to attract customers, but also talk talent, this is where the HRs put on their marketing caps and turn marketers.”

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Gaurav Kumar: Consultant at Future Step – world’s leading executive search firm

“So, the way marketing is related with, simple approach is to tell them what the job description is, but marketing is about selling the benefits, selling the career opportunities in the long term, and selling other intangible benefits which come along that opportunity. So, the way we look at recruiters now days, they need not be plain recruiters, they have to have marketing flair. Same candidate is approached by multiple clients, or multiple agencies for the same job. So, it is highly imperative if the recruiter does not strong marketing skills, the candidate may slip out of his catch, and then the recruiter may not just end up having that particular candidate.”

“…while recruiter is pitching a particular job description if that comes from a marketing standpoint, chances are high that the candidate will be engaged more, he will ask more questions, the discussion will move on from a plain job description standpoint to more employer branding, as to what does the brand really stands for. And when the candidate engages in the discussion because of the marketing influence of that pitch, chances are you might end up hiring the candidate; and in that case you might be putting in less effort what other company might be doing but your referred would be extremely smart. So, let’s say if you are putting only 50% of your efforts that would be delivering results rather than putting in more, let’s say more efforts & less result.”

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Girish Shende, Head Human Resource, MAN Trucks India Pvt Ltd

“I see a very close relation between HR & Marketing, because what does marketing finally do? Marketing finally deals with the customers, encourage customers to buy their products and as far as HR is concerned, HR is providing services to the people and even though they are your captive audience, still you need to go to them and sell your product rather services to the people. So, definitely I see a co-relation between HR & marketing.”


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