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Constant trainings, encouragement or motivation too sometimes fails to empower employees as per the expectations. So how do you handle such situation? Every HR or manager adopts certain trick to make the employees perform at the optimum level, and if you don’t know how you should do that perfectly, then here are 5 easiest and effective ways.

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Sponsor their creativity: You must be trying ample of things to motivate your team. But do you motivate them with their craziest ideas too? Your support to the employees in exploring the tasks by going beyond their job roles or commitments can do wonders.


Encourage free flow of communication:  Not even a single employee should have a fear of walking up to you and talk his heart. So, you MUST be approachable for periodic conversations. Well, not just this, you also need to give constructive feedback that leads to specific goals and objectives without being ambiguous.


Taking ownership: If your team is ready and you know that it actually is, then delegating responsibilities is the best option. So, encourage your team to take ownership and feel the pride after achievement of the task.


Favorable work culture : Customized skill development workshops, work life balance options, employee friendly human resource policies are an efficient ways of employee empowerment. You should always focus upon employee skills & their career development options as well.


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Self-crafting job roles: Leave a scope for the employee to craft his own job role as per his expertise. This would make them align their skills with the organization’s goals & individual development goals.


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