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Ashok Jambur – DGM HRD & Training at Indian Oil Corporation Limited R&D centre at Faridabad talks to CareerBuilder India about the prevailing hiring outlook and the quality of the candidates. He oversees a talent acquisition, hiring and learning & development for the R&D center.

Regarding hiring scenario in current economy, he talks about sluggish Indian as well as global economy. He says, “In terms of hiring outlook, I would believe that the global economy is still pretty much sluggish and so also the Indian economy. Of course, post 16th May 2014, what happens, we’ll have to see the market sentiments on that.”

He even shared his views on candidate’s quality, as that is one of the crucial issues in the hiring process.

“There is also a big debate about quality vs quantity. Most of the times you hear people talking about India’s huge demographic dividend. Yes, we have the huge population advantage and we also have the advantage of a very large percentage of our population being very young, which is a good thing. But when it comes to quality, I think there is a problem.”

He further added, “There’s been a lots of investment by the private sector in education, as a result they are looking for return on investment, so education has become business, in fact, it has become big business, but quality remains very suspect. You have a lot of head count but when you want to spot the right candidate, who meets your quality benchmark, it tends to be a challenge. Organizations may help invest lot of time, effort & money in getting people on board and then perhaps training them to actually achieve the kind of finished product that they were looking for.”

The modern work world is changing and so the recruitment strategy that needs careful planning and proactive approach to hire the right talent at right time.

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