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One of the most vital duties of entrepreneurs is to express the true face of leadership. Leadership in terms of corporate, as well as, entrepreneurial. Well, are these two different? To know this, CareerBuilder reached out to the HR leaders who have given their heart and soul to their organizations. We present you the top 7 HR leaders who shared their inspiring thoughts about ‘Corporate Vs Entrepreneurial Leadership.’

micky-chopraMicky Chopra– Taction Talent Pvt Ltd, Noida
Director & Co-Founder- Talent Acquisition

“Leadership is the buzz around. There is a perception that the higher you climb the hierarchy, the more leader you become. But actually leadership is much more than climbing the ladder, it’s about taking action(s), and not a position. Leaders often have a clearer vision and often “Pull-In” people rather than “Push-In”.  Many leaders are born with “Entrepreneurial” qualities that distinct them from the others. They are individuals with clear vision, efficient in analyzing the risk, effectively adapt to the cultural change and work for the organization growth. These leadership eventually end up driving culture of learning & growth, engagement, productivity of the corporate and are regarded as Corporate Leadership.”

Adhiraj DeyAdhiraj Dey –-ITC Limited, Kolkata
Vice President- HR

“Corporate leadership follows strict rules, regulations, and specific strategies of leadership that initially involves climbing a ladder to reach a position you potentially want. Entrepreneurial leadership, it’s about guidance and utilizing the position you are in to play the role of a mentor, also effectively using the skills associated with successful individual entrepreneurs and applying those within the environment of a larger organization.”

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subhankar-ghoseSubhankar Ghose – ABP News, Noida
Head-Human Resource

“Practically there should not be any difference.

If corporate leaders run with the same spirit they would run their own company,

And then success is evident.” 

vandana-sharmaVandana Sharma – Holiday IQ
Chief People Officer

“Entrepreneurial leaders build flexible systems which respond well to continuous changes in environmental and business dynamics by empowering teams to take decisions on their own. They constantly push their people to challenge own abilities, achieve new levels of performance and excellence. They allow their teams to take risks, make mistakes and learn from them. Their constant support to develop the self-starter spirit in people, helps them to build fast paced, high growth organisations and high performance teams. Corporate leaders on the other hand, ensure the process and policies are clearly laid out and work for clear alignment within the organisations. They work to standardised approach and defined goals and deadlines. While this is necessary to have a standardised approach for large organisations, at times it leads to delays in decisions, slower execution due to pre-defined levels, hierarchies. It also leads to dependencies on multiple stakeholders for complicated communication and implementation of tasks/ projects.”

Madhav Vamsi HR Head FlipkartMadhav Vamsi –- Flipkart, Bengaluru
EX HR Head

“Ability to manage chaos, stress & ambiguity is super high for entrepreneurial leaders, spirits of passion & resilience brews into entrepreneurial leadership, risk taking ability & ability to be iterative is like a natural commodity , unlike corporate leadership where the equation sums up towards how to appeal shareholders as a the most primary objective.”

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Kunjal-Kamdar.jpgKunjal Kamdar– Polaris Consulting & Services Ltd, Pune
Sr Manager – Talent Digital & Social Engagement

“The line is getting thinner and thinner between Corporate and Entrepreneurial Leadership. Entrepreneurial Leadership is more dynamic, disruptive, real-time and all about daily survival and just in time strategies. Corporate Leadership is more about Quarter to Quarter earnings and strategies. The best part is that Entrepreneurial environment is bringing out the best out of corporate leaders. In short it’s all about Just In Time strategies vs Quarterly strategies.”

jaswant-singhJaswant Singh – The Grand Group, New Delhi
Principal Consultant – Recruitment

“Corporate leadership has fixed set of SOP’s, they focus on the organization’s mission, vision and minimizing the risk factor. Wherein the entrepreneurial leadership, has a complete Business Ownership and an Empowerment, which makes you to follow a Creative and Innovative business approach.” 

Hope you liked reading these inspiring quotes from HR giants. We would be sharing more knowledge around the recruitment industry. Till then, stay tuned!

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