How to write LinkedIn Recomendations

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As promised in Learn How To Write LinkedIn Recommendations: Part 1, here are more tips on how to write an outstanding LinkedIn recommendation for your connection. Without much ado, let’s focus straight away on the tips.

How to write LinkedIn Recomendations
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  • Talk about person’s personality

When recruiters interview a candidate, they focus on identifying the real personality of the candidate. So, by throwing some insight into his or her personality in your recommendation note, you can help the head hunters know the personality of your connection in an easier way.

What not to do: Don’t talk about the habits that future employers would not appreciate. Like talking about somebody’s ability to plan best of happy hours in office isn’t a thing to share about.

Sample Reference: You may use terms like:

  • (Name of the person) made sure our Monday morning staff meetings were never without bagels and coffee. She knows how to motivate a team!
  • Everyone at (name of the office) still miss (name of the person) on the office table tennis league!”
  • No matter how tense a meeting, (name of the person) made sure everyone left with a smile.


  • Share your personal working terms with the person

Mention one line on how you felt working with the person and how he made a difference in the team that you both were part of.

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What not to do: This is not the space to become sarcastic or take revenge. Just reminding!

Sample Reference: You may use terms like:

  • Even after her tenure, (name of the person)’s work is still paying dividends; I certainly miss working with her every day.
  • (Name of the person) has always inspired me with her skills of transforming an awkwardly one sided meeting into lively icebreaker discussion.
  • Conclude with Your Solid Recommendation

Seal your recommendation note by clearly stating you recommend the person. Be simple, short and solid and give your contact an enthusiastic thumbs-up.

What not to do: Do not end abruptly or without stating whether you would recommend the person or not. It is better to be clear than give other chance to think even after recommendation note.

  • (Name of the person) would be an asset to any team.
  • As a team member or a leader, (name of the person) earns my highest recommendation.
  • Any employee would be lucky to have (Name of the person) as a manager.

 By writing a recommendation with these tips, surely your contact would shine bright. Once you have written it, proofread it, and hit send.

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