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Have you ever thought how salespersons or marketers are able to crack the deals even from the most difficult clients? Well, it is always the powerful, convincing, and relevant use of words. Yes, it’s the usage of words that do magic for these people. And that’s the key which would help you hypnotize the interviewer. Hold on! Here with hypnotizing relates to more subliminal persuasion and mild influence, so do not make any plans of turning your interviewer into a zombie & have fun around. So, coming back to convincing the interviewer with your words, here are those magical words which would help you.


This is one of the magical or influential words, which, if used wisely, can help you turn the situation in your favor. The word ‘imagine’ is more like an instructive word that instruct someone to concentrate or make the critical part of the brain to focus upon something. You have to ask the interviewer to imagine a situation and you have to take him through the journey highlighting your role play to reach the results. Make him visualize how you can be of company’s help and why there isn’t any need to consider a second thought before hiring you.

When (instead of ‘IF’)

When’ is a power word that comes with a ‘cautious usage warning’, when used at interviews. Here is why. Instead of saying “if you hire me, then I will do this in that particular situation to handle it more wisely..”, instead say, “when I am hired, or when you’ll hire me, I will handle this situation like this to get the desired results…”. There is a difference in both the sentences and also in their convincing power. Yes, it’s pretty cheeky and that’s why you need to use it carefully or you’ll sound audacious, so saying this with a little smiley face or slight facial expression with tongue touch on cheek can balance the situation. Or, the other way is to imagine saying when and framing the sentence accordingly. For instance, you can simply assume a statement starting with ‘when’ in your mind and then say “One positive thing I would make in this particular situation is…”


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Reasoning a statement gives value to it. So, when you tell the interviewer about something and back it up with a reason, it adds value. So, ‘because’ too is one of the persuasive words that you can cautiously use during interviews.

So, with the smart use of these powerful words, how about the idea of hypnotizing the interviewer and impress him to get the job.

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