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If you quite often spell Monday as Moan-day, then you need to read this!

Every employee loves to peep into the secret of killing Monday morning blues and if you too yearn to know those secrets to see your Monday morning starting with a bright smile, then here we go!

Your Day Before Monday:

The only way to bring happy smile on your face is by remembering the happy memories of the previous day. Well, yes, that’s a sad truth, but a way great as well because you have got another reason to make your weekend happening. And for these happy memories & happening weekend, you need to do certain things; which are:

Plan an outing with your cheerful gang:

To make sure you have packed all the good memories and have refreshed your soul, before stepping into boring Monday, you need to wear your mischievous mask that you used to wear when you were with your closest buddies. Call up all your close buddies and make a plan to spend a weekend in a fun way. You need not make the plan of packing your bags and going to the outskirts. Instead, you can simply make a plan of get-together at a comfy place and spend some good moments together eating, mischieving, laughing & taking pictures.

No need to set alarm:

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It is the weekend and you do not need any irritating alarms to wake you up early in the morning. Wake up when you wish to. Waking up late in the mornings once a week is no doubt a great way to have a happy mood.

Visit for lunch outings with family:

On either Saturday or Sunday, whenever it is possible, just escape to a good family restaurant and treat yourself & your family with lavish lunch. Food is believed to be magical, which takes away all the negativity and brings in the tasty goodness in life.

Have a good night sleep:

Yes, and we mean it! Spend your Sunday night in love with your bed. Wait! You just do not have to go early to bed; you instead need to make certain preparations for that. Make sure that your room is properly cleaned with fresh bed sheets on the bed and you can even change other upholstery like cushions, curtains, rugs, if possible. Dim the lights, play light relaxing & calm music in your bedroom and sprinkle few drops of aroma fragrance in the room. Do not forget to spend some time in the room before your sleep time. You will surely have a great night’s sleep that would replenish you from your soul.

Well, the trick to bring awesomeness out of the Mondays, is by making weekends happening! So, what’s the wait for? It’s Friday, the best time to plan for the next two days, so go ahead!

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