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‘The last section of the resume goes unnoticed’, says many. While few others believe that adding hobbies & interests in resume or CV is off the point, which serve no good purpose. Well, if you are one of these people, who don’t prefer to add hobbies or interest in the CV, then you might be missing upon a great opportunity to ace the interview. Check out how!


A Question for you:

Before we talk about the trick, I would like you to answer some questions. How many of you have their hobbies mentioned in the resume? Well have you done that just because of the resume template that you downloaded/copied from internet or do you really gave a thought to it? And if you have that section, have you mentioned any of these: Reading, Traveling, Music, or Internet Browsing? Be honest with your answer!

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions then that means you are not marketing yourself. Yes, your hobbies & interests can easily lead you to the gateway for marketing yourself at the interview.

Trick to market yourself at interview with your hobbies:

To create a value for yourself, you need to talk about your hobbies & interests. By making your hobbies or interests a window, let the interviewer enter your cocoon and travel through your personality. This would make you know the interviewer how you are way ahead of the standard. Well, by doing this, you can even handle the steering of the interview process & drive your own comfort way.

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Follow the rules:

It’s not easy! Yes, it’s obviously not easy, because I have heard from several HR’s & interviewers during my interaction with them that interviewees do try this trick but fumble in the mid and ruin it all. So, to make sure you hit the nail perfectly, you follow the rules, which are:

# Be true:

Figure out your passion. One thing that makes you passionate will help you ace the interview, so think about that one thing that can bring sparkle in your eyes or can excite you even at your worst mood.

# Be a boss:

Everybody likes or dislikes doing something, so what is so special to talk about. Yes, interviewer might question this to you, if you do not exactly have proper arguments to validate yourself. So, firstly, be specific with whatever you have to say. If you like reading, then talk about the genres that interests you, if music is your passion then be on your toes to talk about the favorite singer, his music style, or the decade that fascinates you.

Plus, you should also be able to demonstrate yourself. During the interview, if you can demonstrate your passion then that would be further great. For instance: if its dance, be prepared to show your best moves; if its dramatics, you can be asked to enact. Interviewers do not mind conducting a different interview to break the monotony.

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# Be relevant:

Whatever you do, you have to be relevant. Like there can be many things that interest you, so, pick up the one that you can even relate with the job profile you are applying for. (Also, customize your hobbies on the resume, if you apply for different job profiles.)

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