Hiring Summer Interns 2016

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Summers are about to approach. However, instead of heading towards to an exotic location for holidays many youngsters are moving towards the job market for a summer internship. They are fresh, energetic and, of course, eager to work—exactly what you are looking for in your working staff. But for many, this might be their first stint with the corporate work environment and needless to say that they are leaning on you to learn the nuances of the job industry. And,  providing your interns with a positive learning experience while still making the most of it, and that too within 8 -10 weeks can be a tricky task.

Interns may be temporary hires, but getting the right candidate matters as it can have an enormous impact on your team. An intern who is unmotivated, unproductive, may turn out to be a blot for you and your team. On the other end, a great hire can contribute substantially to a new perspective towards your work; he or she might turn out to be the newest rock star hire by the end of summers for all you know. So, as you are interviewing a bunch of candidates for internship, it is important to keep a few things in mind. Here’s a look:

Hiring Summer Interns 2016

Choose the Right Candidate

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Academic credentials may happen to be the top priority while hiring interns. However it is advisable not to limit yourself to that criterion only. Always look for students who demonstrate enthusiasm and are willing to learn. Look for students who showcase a genuine interest in your industry and the position they have applied for. While it can be helpful to ask prospective interns about their passions and career aspirations, also look further: Was he or she involved in extra-curricular activities in college? What activities did he or she participate in? For example, if you are looking to hire a writer or an editor, a student who has been contributing extensively to the college magazine or has been its editor, might turn out to be a good choice. What students do in their free time can be useful indicators of what they’re passionate about.

Chalk Out a Plan for Them

It’s imperative to have a plan chalked out for them. If interns have to sit idle at workplace – without being occupied, then it will not be a great Not only will they get bored but you will also be occupied in always figuring out as what to assign them instead of focusing on your daily activities.

Take some time to outline the kind of work you want your interns to do. Outline the tasks they would be responsible and the charitable projects you would like them to work upon. Most importantly, make sure that you are giving them challenging and substantial tasks that will contribute towards their learning and also your work being done. Give them real assignments and involve them in team activities.

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Give Them a Warm Welcome

Everyone wants to feel appreciated at a new job, especially interns who are stepping into the professional world for the very first time. Do remember to give your interns a warm welcome. A great way to do that is to drop a welcome mail, planning a brief meeting or a casual lunch to welcome them to the team. If you are bringing in a bunch of interns, consider holding an intern orientation program for all of them.

Set Expectations

In addition to an internship program, setting expectations for interns also play a crucial role. As a hiring manager you should be able to outline precisely what the interns are expected to do in his or her assignments; also clearly specify what is to be anticipated from their work done and how performance will be assessed.

Do not Forget Performance Management

Internships at their core are learning experiences. So, it’s very crucial to give positive and constructive feedback to your interns throughout their working period to help them learn. This will help them learn more about the real life professional world. Do remember to highlight their strengths and showcase areas that they can improve and enhance at the same time.

The Last Words

Hiring trends are changing with times. A lot of groundwork goes into hiring the perfect candidate. Same is applicable in terms of selecting the right intern. While there’s some hard work involved in planning and training involved, bringing in an intern should be fun. Do focus on the above-mentioned points while you are planning to hire for interns. These will definitely help you in tapping the best of the candidates.  So, make the best of your interns this summer by being a little more cautious about your hiring methods.

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