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Mr. Gaurav Gupta, HR, Rolta India Limited talks to CareerBuilder India on different aspects of human resource and industry hiring trends. Mr. Gupta also shares his personal experience with the company. He says, “My journey with Rolta has been 8 years approximately and in these 8 years, I have seen this organization grow and taking care of its people and taking people along.” Further, he continued, “Rolta India Ltd is a great place to work at. It’s a multinational into GIS, engineering, and IT, and we are a major player in Defense, especially the Indian Defense, and we are the industry experts here.”

How do you relate HR & Marketing?

I would say that HR professionals specially in the talent acquisition team, need to learn the basics of marketing, because today, with the kind of audience you have, with the kind of niche expert skills you have, it’s more of the employer branding that comes into picture. Every employer needs to have a brand and live the brand value. If you are able to do that with the right marketing strategy, you’ll be able to attract right set of people and retain those people with you.

Any marketing professional, the biggest challenge is to create a segment in the mind of the potential customers. Similarly, today, if your organization’s recall in the mind of the perspective hires is the first or the second preference, definitely people will come & work with you. Now having said that, like a marketing professional, you also need to be aware of post purchase dissonance reducing behavior, because once you join an organization, specially the first 10 days or the first month would be very challenging, and in that the role of the talent acquisition team or the talent management team is a critical role.

What do you have to say about gen Y?

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My biggest challenge today is hiring the gen Y and retaining the gen Y, and keeping them engaged specially in the niche talent segment because every other organization today wants that talent, so how do you retain your Gen Y. The best things or biggest things for Gen Y that matters is the kind of growth, that’s the first thing, Gen Y would work for an organization where there is long term career perspective, immediate knowledge acquisition, key projects. They are very fairness & responsibility-oriented, so, if you create a project for Gen Y, which is engaging them in terms of technology, in terms of fairness, and right growth, you will be able to retain Gen Y.

What is the importance of social media?

Social media is a big thing for us today, especially with all the Gen Y being at various platforms may it be Glassdoor, may it be MyParichay, may it be other platforms. So, on a social media front, every organization needs to have a social media strategy. We at Rolta have a social media strategy; we have our team which takes care of the all the branding on social media. Having said that, we also have teams, which are available through various platforms, where we are generating lot of awareness about the kind of work we are doing. We have a lot of Webinars, which come up talking about the niche technology, niche products. We have coding contests, score contests, where architects, various technology experts come and crack the code and create a standing for themselves. So, social media is a big thing for us.

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How do you analyze the future of HR Recruiting?

Definitely, the employment will increase in the IT sector, we have lots of projects which are lined up, we have lots of upcoming hopes & aspirations from other organizations with team Modi coming in. everybody is very bullish, everybody wants to go ahead with the hiring. And we are seeing the market’s pick up especially the defense, because we at Rolta cater to defense and all the technology is related to that. Hiring would definitely be up for us.

What do you look for in a candidate before hiring him/her?

Quality is one, i.e. the technical expertise; the candidate has to be a technical expert. But more of fitment, is the candidate jelling with the organization’s culture, has d right kind of leadership expertise, can be developed into a future leader, and is a candidate a go-getter, because in our industry specially, we have challenges where we have to deliver on time so it has to be a go-getter.

A message that you would like to spread:

I think the hopes and the sentiments are up, everybody is positive and India is positive with Team Modi coming and we have a challenge definitely yes to make the best of these times, and Rolta is all geared up, we are all geared up, and we are all happy for this.

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