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It’s not about bad bosses but incompetent bosses. One can still manage to work with a bad boss, but the situation gets worst when the boss is inept, as it directly affects career. Isn’t it? If you really feel that your boss is incompetent and this is affecting your professional life, then here are some ways with which you cannot just survive the situation but flourish as well.

Understand His Incompetence:

Hold on! Before you state that you are one of those, agonizing with the complications of having a hopeless boss, make sure whether he is really one or you just believe him as one. The lack of trust between employees and boss is one reason along with poor communication for why certain employees believe their bosses as incompetent. So, if he really is, then you can work upon the below mentioned options.

There has to be a leader:

Professionally, a leadership position has to be handled by someone. If you believe that your boss doesn’t deserve to be there, then it’s time you buckle up your shoes and up-level yourself. You need to work upon your personal leadership skills and ensure that you pursue the right direction and take relevant decisions that lead to good results for the company. Your efforts would surely get noticed by the management.

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Communicate to resolve:

Communication always resolves the issues/problems. If your boss’s decisions are affecting your career or professional reputation, then you need to take actions. Quitting job is the last option; instead see if you can work upon a strategy.  Follow DESC model (Describe, Emotion, Solution, and Consequence). Communicate the problem to someone, who can help you with the solution (this can be your boss too!).

Here, let’s take a situation to follow DESC communication method properly.

Imagine your boss shouting on you right in the morning in your bay for presenting a poor weekly report. How would you follow DESC model here?

There are two options:

(a). You go to your boss and tell him that today morning when you came to me to discuss about the weekly report, I was feeling frustrated with your behavior. You should do such discussions in private otherwise I won’t have such discussions.


(b). In the morning when you were discussing the reports, I got disappointed. I would appreciate if such discussions happen in private, and I am sure that would yield better results as well.

Which option would you follow? Well, if you prefer (b), then you might get expected response from your boss.

Work upon problem solving skills & listening skills:

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It’s important! Yes, you need to work upon both your problem solving skills and listening skills, as that would help you come out of even the trickiest situation. Understand how your boss behaves in particular situation and accordingly come up with a solution.

How else you can manage?

If your job is not giving you peanuts and you are happy with every other thing, then you can easily find ways to manage the situation. Or, you can simply imagine your boss in a clown suit & enjoy (purpose is to avoid him at times, when possible). This would make you focus on BIG PICTURE.

Last, but surely not the least, if you really think this job is now no better for your career, or, if you position yourself at an ordinary position at your company, then you may think about change.

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