how to be creative

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how to be creative

Career and creativity both the terms go hand in hand today. No doubt, companies today don’t just look up for employees; instead they look up one with creative veins (no matter whatever job field it is.) So, does this mean you need to be creative? May be yes; but if you are not? Ahem… hold on… who said you are not? Did you ever harness your creativity to create something? May be you are just letting it go waste due to a mere belief that you are not the “Creative type”, or you got lack of artistic skills. So, the reality is you are creative, you just need to learn how to harness it.

Here I have scanned the internet to select few edifying links that’ll help you carve your hidden talent.

  1. It’s a myth that geniuses are born and not bread. Especially when you can learn how to maximize your creative potential. (Read this article by The Independent)
  2. Next you need to know the reason behind creative blocks. Obviously it’ll make you learn to tame it as well. Read this article by Life Hacker.
  3. Another great article that’ll show you how to break your creative blocks in this article by Brain Pickings.
  4. Do you remember the last few pages of your notebooks during school time? Were those always scribbled with random stuff or you liked it clean? If your notebook had become scribble pad from the last pages, then you have got something to learn from it. Check out this article by Brit & Co. on noteworthy notebooks that can make you creative.
  5. Ideas give value to creativity. Know how you can generate ideas and what kills ideas in this article by
  6. You need some creative brainstorming too, and for that Pinterest is the invincible platform.
  7. Last but not the least, your own workplace or your own desk can also make you creative. Give this one by Greatist a quick check.
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