You don’t know the first thing about your job on day one, infact it is difficult to figure out stuff in the first month too. However, there are ways in which you can impress your employer on the very first day of joining. There are things that the boss expects from new hires, although she won’t fire you if you do not comply by the expectation, but doing so puts a better first impression.

Some of them are listed below-

Building Momentum
Get to the work straight and be enthusiastic about the things you know. Assign yourself a task and get it done with, even if your fellow coworkers are trying to keep it light for you in the first days. Completing things without asking puts a great first impression!

An Idea
Leadership and initiative are skills which are very scarce in the market place, so better than bringing your boss coffee or making people happy around the workplace, get an impactful idea. Elaborate on it and take the initiative to work on it.

Know The People
If you keep sitting on your work desk without speaking to anyone and just silently going about the tasks assigned to you, you would find it difficult to navigate through the office people and making better relationships with them. Eat with them and talk to them. Tell them what makes you excited and bring your opinions on the table. Everybody likes that kind of personality.

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Too Time Perfect
Adhering to the time of getting out of office, no matter how much work done puts a bad impression on the first day of work. If you are learning something, just do it whole-heartedly putting in some extra time so that the boss knows you are enterprising. If you be one of those who is at the door in time to get out of office, then a certain opinion is already made of you.

Funny, Eh!
Tom become a part of the company culture seamlessly is a great impression booster for the boss. They like their new hires to be flexible and be  comfortable when it comes to being with the company and its ways. Crack jokes, make people comfortable in your company, share experiences and get the team going in the same manner it was before you joined. That’s make s a huge impact on your impression upon the boss.

Ask Questions
The first step to learn and learn more is to ask questions. There is a set of people that you will have to report to at office. Identify that group of people and get cracking around them. Ask them about previous projects, landmarks of the company, some great employee stories and how to go about a certain task in a more professional manner. Believe it or not, they would be more than happy to answer your genuinely curious queries.

Long Term Goals
Every company has a visions and set of long-term goals which the organization is always striving towards. You have to understand these goals on the very first day to know in depth about the company, as complex as it may sound but long-term goals are something everybody in the company would know about. Being in sync with those goals, will put a great impression on your boss!

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