Parents, teachers and bosses mostly sum up as the guiding lights for life’s long journey. There are bosses who give great lessons when it comes to guiding his employees.

Here is some of their accumulated great lessons-


Take Time Off
You wouldn’t really believe it when it comes out the mouth of a boss, but yes! Great bosses emphasize on taking time off and pondering on stuff like-

‘Where they are?’
‘Where is the company headed?’
‘What role are you playing for the growth of the company?’

Have Fun!
While you are employed under somebody or working on your own or doing anything, just enjoy it! Be present in the present without minding of what lies in the future. Live the beautiful journey!

Family Comes First
Great bosses always emphasize on family before work. Some of us get so tangled up in our work that we almost forget the family. Our loved have supported us through the journey and we should be thankful to them every day. Bottom line- Do not take work home.

Get Away From The Ones Who Don’t Understand You
Some people simply won’t get you. They are just differently tuned than you and your tunes would never match as a matter of fact. It is cool to leave such people behind. They won’t get you. Ever.
Lastly, the classic

Love What You Do
It has been said innumerable times, but seldom do people follow it. You got to like your work to do it with all your heart. There has to be something in your work which has an intense quality about it, which ultimately drives you to do more because you love it.

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