New recruits come with their own social background and skill set. They have to settle down in the company and keep themselves at ease, which is easier said than done. A great hire possesses these qualities which make them one of the best in their company.



Employees who come with intrinsic sources of motivation are the ones who prove to be brilliant in their pack. Their innate sources of energy are strong enough to make them work in any situations, despite of new surroundings and new people around them. All they concentrate on is the work at hand. They possess a high degree of self-worth.


Always there

They are always there to hold you from the back when times are tough. They have a high sense of loyalty which they like to show towards the company. They act like they are partners rather than being employees of the company.


Referential People

More times than not, these people are found from a trustworthy source. It is also important that someone you trust is vouching for them, it increases your confident in the recruits, especially if they come from internal networks.



Within a month or two of joining the company, these people like to take charge of things. Not only is this a sign of leadership but a fantastic sign of taking ownership. They consider the work they do as their own, rather than the boss’s or the company’s. They also have ideas and visions about the future of the company, which are always great to listen to.

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Go for the kill

Recruits new to the company should at all times be clear-headed, their tasks should be pre-planned by them a day in advance. Understanding the basics about the company is not rocket science; all it takes is a little common sense. They have a phenomenal hands-on approach and like to directly go for the kill, rather than waste their time beating around the bush.


So, are you one of the great new recruits?

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