Google entered into its 16th year of life humming a new tune. The all new Google algorithm called the Hummingbird made its presence for the first time, on the eve of its 15th birthday. It said to be one of the drastic changes in the algorithm structure of Google in a decade.

Here are some of the changes that Google introduced-

It’s About Meaning and Not Keywords

Your search queries were earlier based on key phrases that you typed in the search bar, now they would be directed by the meaning of the words produced in the query. Also, the search results would also be based on your social networks, people you are friends with and your previous searches.


Dynamic Mobile Platform

Research says that smart phones are the future. Everything on the go has been functioning exceptionally well. Be it tablets or smart phones, the new algorithm makes search smart phone-friendly. The sites with lighter interface have an upper hand here, because they take less time to load, as compared to the sites which have a heavy interface.


Evolutionary Process

According to Google, it’s a slow evolutionary process targeted towards intelligence. The new algorithm is a step ahead in search, by giving you results you thought you never needed. The process is assimilated to make search more smooth and transparent. Google has always been futuristic with its innovations, and the Hummingbird algorithm is no exception to the clearly stated rule driving the giant.

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For the users, it should be much of a delight as the queries would now be more appropriately attended to rather than just coming on the search page because of the words or phrases typed in it.


It would take some time for people to capture the essence of the algorithm, only then can one would know how it is faring worldwide.


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