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Whether Twitter is a good social recruiting tool or not is not in question. The question is how well you are utilizing its power to tap the potential candidates and churn out the talent. It has to be understood that a single Twitter activity can impact the prospects, so you need to do things wisely to bring out the advantages. One such important aspect is building a strong employer presence. A strong employer presence helps in three ways: (a). It enhances your personal brand; (b). It validates company’s expertise; (c). It attracts prospects to interact.

Here are few brands, which have well-maintained its employer presence on Twitter to utilize it as a great recruiting tool:

Join The Flock (@JoinTheFlock)

Twitter’s Twitter account ‘Join The Flock’ itself is a perfect example of great employer’s presence from recruiting perspective. It’s easy to get the feel of how it is like to work with Twitter. It capably let the prospects peep more at the ‘inside look’ as well as the latest job openings.

Life at Google (@googlejobs)

The name ‘Life at Google’ perfectly represents Google’s employer presence on Twitter. It won’t be a surprise to see job seekers craving to work with Google, and what adds to their tempt is Google’s Twitter account that well showcases how it actually feels to work at Google through several pictures, videos of events, job openings and work culture.

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PepsiCo Jobs (@PepsiCoJOBS)

“We take networks and connections seriously – join the conversation and explore the possibilities with our global teams,”-describes PepsiCo at Twitter. And to complement this, PepsiCo has showcased its talent acquisition team in the background for giving a human face to its Twitter Handle. Plus, it shares job openings, pictures, videos, and new product releases/offers.

Disney Corp Jobs (@TWDCjobs)

Walt Disney’s Team at Disney Corp Jobs is also engaging the prospects via Twitter. The use of Twitter hashtags and retweets from other Disney Twitter handles are together doing the magic of creating a stronger employer presence.

Here are few tips that you can adopt to enhance your employer’s presence on Twitter:

  • Customize Twitter background and profile pictures that communicate the message you want to spread to the prospects.
  • To make prospects join a conversation, a clear & crisp bio and call to action has to be there.
  • Your Twitter handle should be linked to your company’s social presence elsewhere
  • Adapt responsive, unswerving, & engaging approach
  • Be on your toes to share company’s culture & inside stories about your company, job openings. You can do this evenly throughout the day. Hashtags are always there to help you create the buzz.
  • Involve your employees in your Twitter campaigns. If prospects can engage with the current employees at the company, they would get a great feel about the company & its work culture. Also, you can encourage the employees to retweet the job postings by offering incentives or referral bonus for candidates sourced through tweeting.
  • Connect personally with your followers. Do not spam their inbox with constant job feeds, but engage in a discussion that keeps them interested in your content. This is a great way to make them retweet your posts.
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Besides, your creativity will pay-off well! Bring it into action and create a difference to make your brand stand out of the rest.

pic credits: johnpaulaguiar

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