People wish you this at the beginning of the day, even when you are not destined to have one. But you can definitely make a wonderful day for yourself. Yes! It is a choice which you make to make your days happier and more satisfied. Before you know it, it becomes a good habit and hence most days are happy days except of course crisis days.

Consider these ways to make sucky days happy and happy days wonderful!

Strong and tight preparation makes for the best of pre-plan for a happy day. Believe the power in you and go on preparing for everything in advance. It may not fall into places all the time, but that should not a deterrent, because it does fall into place most of the times. As the famous Abraham Lincoln said-“Give me 6 hours to chop a tree and shall spend the first 4 sharpening the axe” This proves that preparation is a cooler in the meanest of times.

Prepare your outfit for the next day before you go to bed, because believe it or you take more time than required to decide what to wear. Next, park your gym bag all packed with the needed stuff if you hit the gym before you go for work. Prepare your ingredients for next day’s lunch if you require to eat something specific or healthy.

Cool it
If you get up just in time to go for work, start by waking up 15 minutes before time. Don’t be in a rush or your head would muddled up with hundred different thoughts. Take some out to get up and go outside, take a few deep-breadths and let the morning sun increase your energy levels for the day. No matter how groggy you feel, the sunshine shall take it all away.

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Melody It
Your commute is the most crucial part of your day because it can make or break the rhythm of things you started from. Listening to news can be depressing, instead make a grand commute play list for yourself. It should be made out of your favourite music pieces, burn it into a CD or put them in a format which is playable for you easily. Music is a great mood-uplifter and it is only thing you need to inspire yourself for the work that is to follow.

Everything Dressed In Overalls Is Not That Bad
Dressed in dark overalls and sounding like work? These things tend to sap out all the energy you build during the starting of the day. But hey! Make it easy for yourself. How?
Do the most stressful jobs first.
Do the tasks which have the most urgent deadlines.
Do the task which requires maximum energy first.

Keep It Simple And Stay
Burned out during the end ? Smile and smile wide. It shakes off the extra stress and the smiles of others seeing your own shall take the stress away. Massage your head, take short breaks and work hard. To feel happy and to have a good day you need to have patience to make it good and enjoy it to the utmost!

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