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In spite of applying at numerous job portals, do you have to struggle to get the job? Do you often think why haven’t you got the call from the recruiters? If so, then you really need to figure out the main reason. There can surely be varied reasons like your unmatched qualifications, salary bars, profile suitability, or skills; and you need to find the solution soon, to not to miss the opportunity of going closer to your career goals.

Well, The Growing Skill Gap is one of the most common issues that recruiters are facing today. In a recent survey initiated by CareerBuilder, where hiring managers from 100 companies took part, it is clear that 78% recruiters are concerned about the growing skills gap. One of the recruiters during the survey said, “New hires today are infinitely less skilled than they were a few years ago. Their responsibility levels have dropped alarmingly and their sincerity in solving and closing matters are sorely lacking.” Another recruiter believed that “The number of people with technical key skills is really declining. It is difficult to find proper personnel for a specific job.” The survey even reveals that because of the lack of required skills, 70% focus of the companies relates to providing technical skills training that includes computer programs, design skills, writing skills, machine operation, etc.

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So, all you IT aspirants now know what you need to do to make a move closer to your career goals. No doubt, IT is one of the most booming sectors in India today, (there would be 58% rise in hiring for full time employees for IT jobs in India in 2014-as per the survey), so this is the best time to enhance your skills & make yourself more deserving for the vacancy & be job ready.

Also, the freshers aiming to set their career as a .NET application engineer, web application developer, mobile application developer, JAVA Programmer, HTML5 Programmers, C programmers, or enterprise application developer need to prepare themselves with the skills that would make them job ready. There are many certified institutes, which provide certified courses for not just under-graduates or graduates but also for the professionals, who are already doing wonders in IT industry. These courses are intended to enhance the skills required to meet the challenges at the job. So, what’s the wait for? Sharpen your skills and grab the career opportunity that you had been waiting for!

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