“Employers care more about critical thinking and problem-solving skills than a college major, they say in a survey conducted on behalf of the Association Of American Colleges And Universities” – publishes The Shorthorn in a report, which emphasizes the importance of critical thinking and problem skills of people.


It’s simple – if you can sense that there is a problem, can take the pressure, and come up with solutions to critical matters, you stand a better chance of getting hired. As a potential employee, how do you convince a prospective employer that you are familiar with and adept at those problem-solving skills. Or rather, how do you make sure that you are able to develop those skills?
CareerBuilder India brings some fun tips that will make sure that the problem-solving hat fits you right:

1. REM Sleep: Ok, so you might find it funny, and confusing, but science has proved that (R)apid (E)ye (M)ovement during sleep can get you the desired solution to your existing critical problems. Though there is a lot of science involved with regard to REM, as a commoner trying to find out a solution to your problems all you need to do is sleep over them.

2. Distractions: Concentrating on the problem does not solve the problem – we all have heard that. But do you also know that concentrating on the solution makes you no better? Yes, often, distracting yourself from the existence of a problem helps you get outstanding solutions. The trick is to make space for your grey cells to grow. Not literally though, for that can take years. However, if you give them the space to breathe, they might start thinking better.

3. Dance and Swing: What! Is that what you are supposed to do when you feel crushed under the pressure? Swing your arms, tap your feet recklessly on the ground and jump around like a chimpanzee? But you can definitely do better! While you might take it to be a stupid suggestion, once again, research points out that certain body movements help you solve problems better.

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4. Argue and Debate: How we all love to do that! We may not admit it though. So when you have a problem in front of you, eating you up day and night, get out in the field and bring others as well to debate and brainstorm about the root cause of the problem. From there on, you will not have one but many solutions to a single issue. Agreed that some might not even be close to logic, but there will be some spot-on and useful enough.

Human behaviour is a vital component of HR that forms the basis of all research being done by organizational diagnostics. Problem-solving in an important subject in these studies and so is strategic problem-solving. Studies point out that the focus today is on building certain critical thinking skills. The techniques mentioned above, apart from being fun, are also a crucial part of critical thinking and problem-solving training exercises.

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