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‘Interviewers’ or even ‘head-hunters’ often are the gateway to the company that one yearn to be a part of. And if any single activity of yours frustrates them, then getting through the job interview can be a daunting task. Here are some situations or actions that you need to escape or prevent, in order to avoid such circumstances.

Some situations which frustrate the interviewers are:

  • Unprepared Candidates: Candidates, who come for interviews without preparation irritates most to the interviewers. Make sure that you go prepared about company’s details and its past ventures.
  • Short Replies: Giving short replies to the interviewers is another factor. If you think that with short replies you can save yourself from getting into some muddle, then that might frustrate the interviewer at a point. By doing this, you are leaving them to extract the sense from each word that you said. Interviewer is there to read your mind through your thoughts, so when he doesn’t get enough substance, then you might annoy him.
  • Candidates Lost In Their Own World: Lost candidates also annoy the recruiters. Here, with lost candidates it means the ones those who do not know what they want to achieve in their life or what good they can bring to the organization. Your lack of interest or enthusiasm can affect your career greatly.
  • Undervalued Candidates: Also, the candidates who cannot create a value for themselves are also not liked by the recruiters. Interviewers figure out how the candidate is different from the rest (better than the rest), and if you fail to make him find the answer, he won’t have interest in you.
  • Bad Attitude: Attitude is another factor that can annoy or frustrate the recruiters. Never carry your attitude with you when you go for interview. No matter how awesome or suitable you are for the particular job, if recruiter doesn’t like your attitude, he won’t hire you.
  • Cheating Chanters: Chanting the traditional interview lines copied from internet is another aspect that may go against you during interviews. Interviewers want to know how innovative and instant you are with your thoughts, instead of how well can you imitate.
  • Hide & Seek Persona: Hiding things from interviewers is another aspect that frustrates them.  If you are being asked your biggest weakness, then don’t tell working hard is your weakness or some other statement copied from internet. The person interviewing you would simply understand that your weakness is poor communication skill. Think upon the logical answer and go prepared for the interview.
  • Rude Call Answers: Do you get call from recruiters? How do you talk to them? If you get rude with them on a call, then that is another action of job seekers that frustrates the recruiters. No doubt there are some frustrating recruiters, but being rude is not the solution.
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