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You might have read hundred resume tips to make that piece of paper depict your best self. However, one thing, I am sure, you would have skipped is using the precise font.

Recruiters, who have to spend almost 70% of their work hours checking out resume confess that it’s doesn’t always go well. So, if you really looking forward to a well-defined resume check out which should be the ideal pick for you.


When asked to several recruiters and job hunters round the corner of the world, the majority pointed out ‘Helvetica’. ‘Helvetica’ is a more business font as it feels professional & light hearted. This font is straight (not leaning in any direction) and without serifs which makes it more perfect.

There are other alternate options, but that Helvetica is beautiful amongst all.

proxima nova

In case, you are eying on that perfect font, no matter you have to spend few bucks on it, then use Proxima Nova. Proxima Nova is a cousin to Helvetica, but with a softer feel. This typeface is always loved by the business people, but then popularity comes with a price.


This typeface will specially help you if you have a long experience to showcase. It will help you rap the long sheet to fit into a single page. The font in itself is concise and allows eye to follow where it should go.

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times new roman

Times New Roman has been in controversy for its usage in resume. No doubt, this typeface has been used a lot and yes, misused too. So, today if you used this font, a recruiter might perceive that you didn’t put any thought in font selection.


Didot is said to be a feminine font as it’s quite tall and little fancy. So, well, if you are applying to fashion industry then this can be the best pick for you. Other than that, it’s not so great option.


Ok, until unless it’s your wedding invitation, stay away from Zapfino font. You shouldn’t be using it or any other font belonging from its family in your resume. This typeface is simply a NO for a resume pick.


The era of typewriter is gone, so I would suggest you to wave good bye to this font too. Yes, surely you do not have a typewriter with you so I guess it’s better not to try using this font in your resume.

comic sans

Ok, no arguments or discussion about this one. It’s a Big NO for every reason for your resume.

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