women empowerment

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This is our fifth post on this topic, which means we have got the fifth solution for you, which you might need today or years after. But it would be helpful. Well, this one is actually for the organizations, which too wish to see women at the senior level and doesn’t want to lose on their talented resource.

women empowerment

Introducing Tailor-Made Programmes

Offering work from home is definitely one of the several models that companies today adopt to ensure work life balance for their employees. However, for the women, whom there is no choice between choosing work or home, there should be something easier & convenient to opt. Organizations need to work upon work models that suit the women of this society, who are supposed to manage with their care-giving responsibilities along with work.

It’s true that there are several programmes for women already in the system, but what about those who wish to enter the system again. As, one of the professionals involved with non-profit which works towards inclusive businesses suggests, “companies introduce short, six-month projects for women returning from bringing up their families, and ensure senior leaders buy in by focusing on small attempts at first, rather than over ambitious blueprints.” This is one great idea for the women who wish to return back to work after at some point of time.

Well if you need to fight with the talent crunch, then this is the time to work on it.

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