Thanks to a tiny shot glass that I couldn’t stop smiling at even when I was in a complete soberness, I know that the key to happiness is ‘SAANU KEY’. For those who can’t decipher the phrase, it means ‘That doesn’t matter to me’ – an expression that you mutter shrugging your shoulders.

Probably that’s the best way in which one can respond to a negative situation or state of mind. Things shouldn’t bother. Inner peace you see. But is it all that simple? Experience has it, that there is no single key – just some means towards a happier living.

Stay Connected
: Man is a social animal and no amount of isolation can take away that trait from him. Aloof and cut off from the world, he becomes more irritable and unhappy. Staying connected is probably the best way of staying happy. Other perks include staying informed and staying secure.

Staying Fit: ‘Mind, Body and Soul’ is a well-marketed phrase that emphasizes on the importance of staying healthy. The focus is on eating right, exercising and keeping calm. A single sport of your choice, played for half an hour every day can do the trick. It can definitely keep you happy. Other perks include: a trimmer body and glowing skin.

Live for Goals: There is no denying the fact that man is a social animal but there is much more to an individual than his social needs. His aspirations – rather than the achievement of his aspirations – are important for him to live a good life and feel important. His social status clearly has a significant role to play. As Einstein said: If you want to be happy, don’t tie your life to people or to things. Tie it to a goal.”

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Kaizen: A stagnated life is no one’s idea of fulfillment. Not at least in a competent world that exists today. Of all the keys to happiness, Kaizen or continuous learning is probably the only guaranteed way to happiness.
All said and done, if you want some instant happiness, help yourself with a cup of coffee and just scroll through ‘The Happy Page’ on Facebook. You’ll soon catch yourself smiling.


Where do you find happiness?


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