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Career sometimes seems to be the most adventurous roller coaster ride. That’s when one looks forward to things that can thrive one’s career. If your career too is on some ride that is not giving you fun time, then it’s better to either get off that ride or make it interesting. Yes, it is possible, Scroll down to watch how:
Sometimes, Uncertainty gives a push to career
You do not always have to take a planned move. You can afford uncertainty; well, that’s what reporter and author Oliver Burkeman talks about in this video. Sharing thoughts on how abandoning goals and allowing some negativity can help you, he explains how you can enjoy personal development.


Identify: Is your company unintentionally stopping you from flourishing
May be, your unexplored passion is the reason behind the unhappy career. But what is it that is stopping you from getting hold of your passion and work on the same lines? Are you to be blamed for that? Or your office too has some role to play in it. Let this video by Ken Robinson help you identify the real reason behind why you haven’t yet met your passion.


Be persuasive to get things done
I am not going to talk about the power of being persuasive (I am assuming you know that.) You may surf internet to learn how to be persuasive and practice it; but I guess your life is already not so happening so you do not have time to learn this. But if you have got 2 minutes, watch this video and learn how 4 words can turn things in your favor.

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Live a productive day
Productivity matters, but what exactly is productivity? Have you seen it? If not do it now! It’ll tell you what exactly a productive day is. Trust me, it’ll help you and you’ll love it.

Your Perfect Productive Day by FastCompany


The Secret to make things better
Last but not the least, this video would tell you how exactly you can make your not so good career better. Bill Hoogterp, a leadership development expert perfectly explains how asking a tiny bit more from yourself can help make anything much better.

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